Journey to Future Parallel Earth

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A terrifying, nightmarish adventure into the unknown.... "Journey to Future Parallel Earth" takes place twenty years from now when a three-ship armada on Humanity's first mission to colonize Mars, meets with cosmic disaster enroute to the Red Planet (Book I) when an electromagnetic burst of energy kills and injures members of the crew and sends their spacecraft careening at light speed into the future and burns out their electronics. And now, as their crippled ships attempt to return to Earth, "ghosts" stalk their flagship and those onboard must endure sabotage, the constant threat of death, and stress-induced jealousies, hatreds, and romantic conflicts, as well as encounters with technologically advanced aliens and entities who plot to destroy them. In Book II (also included in this volume): Teams of scientists begin a terrifying, bloody, horrifying ordeal when they descend to the surface only to discover... Earth is different... having been conquered by the victors of the "war between the sexes" and is now ruled by nightmarish horrors that will kill them.

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