The Mind Of Adolf Hitler - Part II: Hitler, Homosexuality, Pedophilia, Sadistic Masochistic Relations with Women-

The Mind Of Adolf Hitler - Part II: Hitler, Homosexuality, Pedophilia, Sadistic Masochistic Relations with Women-
Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, Ph.D.


With his mother dead, lacking any means of support, overwhelmed and defeated by his own failures, and unable to cope with the success of his servile lover, Hitler gave up and essentially became an unwashed tramp. He was soon lodging at the Asylum for the Shelterless (Payne) and the future seemed hopeless indeed. As he admits in Mein Kampf: "Thus far, aside from dirt and filth, this young man has seen nothing which might inspire him to any higher enthusiasm."

Although, according to Kubizek, Hitler's homosexuality "had long been one of his problems and an abnormal practice, he... fought against relentlessly" Adolf did not want for lovers for he soon met an older man, Reinhold Hanisch, who took a fatherly interest in him (Hanisch). Soon they were living together in a hotel called the Mannerheim which catered exclusively to homosexual men and their homosexual lovers (Langer). Twenty years later, after Adolf became Chancellor, he would have Hanisch murdered.

Fortunately for the young and destitute Hitler, the domineering Hanisch not only took him underwing, but advised and encouraged him, even selling post cards and paintings that Hitler drew. Hanisch, essentially became both a mother and a father to Adolf, a special "buddy," and in so doing, pampered and cared for the young man while simultaneously subjecting him to the authoritarian control he'd become accustomed to as a child. Hanisch tended to treat Adolf like a "coolie."

In some respects their relationship was ideal. Adolf had gone to Vienna seeking a path to his sexually abusive father, and this may be what he found in Hanisch. Nevertheless, as Adolf had an underlying hatred for authority figures, his relationship with Hanisch was also quite strained. Increasingly Hitler resented being dominated and ordered about by Hanisch, and a year later, they too had a falling out. But not before Hitler had found someone else to take care of him, a rich homosexual.

Just before their breakup Hitler became special friends with Josef Neumann, a well heeled but submissive and solicitous Jewish homosexual who frequented the Mannerheim in search of sex partners--It was well known that homosexual men could find willing lovers for a price at this hotel (Langer). One fine afternoon, Neumann arrived at the Mannerheim and inquired if anyone had any "works of art" they wished to sell and was directed to Adolf Hitler (Heidan, 1936 Payne). It is possible that Hitler had already established a reputation for himself as a male prostitute, for he had been previously arrested by the police who charged him with being a "sex pervert" (Langer).

Hitler found in Neumann the perfect replacement for Klara and August Kubizek. Neumann was submissive and effeminate, affectionate, lavish in his praise, and had money to support Adolf in the style in which he had not long ago grown accustomed (Heidan, 1936).

Hitler and Neumann became inseparable, sightseeing and eating at restaurants and living together in Neumann's lavish estate. Neumann not only took care of Adolf, always picking up the check, but was buying him expensive clothes and giving him money. Hitler again became the fashion conscious dandy, strolling up and down the avenue in his expensive duds and making new Jewish friends who would give him clothes and money (Heidan, 1936), presumably in exchange for sex.

Adolf apparently had a number of homosexual Jewish friends while he lived in Vienna, which, in retrospect, may seem paradoxical; that is, until we remember he associated this city with incest, and the possibility that his sexually abusive father may have been half-Jewish. Hence, the pathological attraction, the residue of a compulsion to repeat.

Adolf may well have become a homosexual gigolo, as there were apparently a number of men who found him attractive, including Hanisch who desperately wanted to reestablish their relationship. Hanisch in fact confronted Adolf on the street one day, and demanded that Hitler move back in with him and give up Neumann and his fancy clothes. Adolf refused, and informed Hanisch that he was no longer his "coolie" and to leave him alone (Hanisch).

His relationship with Neumann, however, was not long for this world. Perhaps it was Adolf's laziness or fits of depression or furious rage, or maybe his carousing with other men, but Neumann ended the relationship and Hitler was soon back on the streets again--much to the delight of Hanisch.

Depressed, out of money, and down on his luck, Adolf moved back into the Mannerhiem Hotel, the Homosexuals-R-Us emporium, and again set up housekeeping with Hanisch. He apparently became so depressed and despondent that he refused to even paint post cards. When things began to get particularly desperate, Adolf finally told Hanisch he was going to seek financial assistance from a well-to-do Jew, his "father." Hanisch may have misunderstood, however, and it may well have been his grandfather, Baron Rothschild, or his Jewish godfather that Adolf was referring to. Apparently no help was forthcoming.

Hanisch may have been surprised to discover his effeminate little friend had rich relatives, but not at the revelation that Hitler was Jewish. Hanisch had long been under the impression that Hitler might be Jewish, for he frequently teased Hitler about his Jewish-good-looks.

Adolf's relationship with Hanisch, however, did not endure, and fights were frequent. Hitler even tried to have Hanisch arrested, accusing him of stealing his money. But the authorities were not impressed. After consulting their records and determining that Adolf was a known "sex pervert" (Langer), they dismissed his accusations.

After his final falling out with Hanisch, Hitler's fortunes began falling fast and he was forced to move from the Mannerhiem. Soon he was wandering the streets of Vienna, a starving, filthy tramp, sleeping on benches, selling his body or who knows what to Jews or whomever for a bite to eat (Heidan, 1936 Payne).


Many years later, in recalling his penniless days in Vienna, Adolf would again allude to these experiences while simultaneously condemning those "Jews" who led him to temptation. "Their power is the power of money.... compelling people to submit... to tragic consequences."

As Hitler stated in Mein Kampf, it was while living in Vienna that he began to hate the Jews, a people, he tells us, who are involved in all manner of sexual perversion including white sex slavery. Of course, in attributing to Jews the perversions he personally grappled with and frequently succommed to, Hitler was able to shift his self-hate and loathing to a more acceptable target who he believed should be eliminated from the face of the Earth.

As pointed out by Langer, if Hitler's hatred was translated back into personal terms this would read: "My perversion is a parasite that sucks my lifeblood. I must rid myself of this pestilence." Indeed, he spends page after page attacking Jews in sexually vile terms, describing them as "seducers," "molesters," and "corrupters of morals."

"Not until my fourteenth or fifteenth year did I begin to come across the word "Jew." This filled me with a mild distaste and I could not rid myself of an unpleasant feeling...the cleanliness of this people, moral and otherwise left much to be desired. I often grew sick to my stomach from the smell of these caftan-wearers. It became positively repulsive when you discovered the moral stains of this 'chosen people.' It makes you hard for a long time.... The relation of the Jews to prostitution and to the white-slave traffic... Was there any form of filth or profligacy without at least one Jew involved in it? ...Thus for the first time I recognized the Jews as the cold-hearted, shameless directors of this revolting vice traffic in the scum of the big city.... the more unlimited his fertility, the more the scoundrel ends up splashing his filth in the face of humanity.... But then a flame flared up within me. I no longer avoided the Jewish question, now I sought it... I talked my tongue sore and my throat hoarse... But...Whenever you tried to attack, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which poured through your fingers."

Given his obvious attraction to Jewish men and reputation as a "sex pervert" might we surmise that perhaps it was Jewish semen that had filled his mouth with distaste, splashed his face or which oozed like "jelly-like slime" through Adolf's effeminate fingers and stroking hand? And what are we to make of Adolf's references to his sore tongue and throat? Perhaps the answers become more obvious when we discover that Adolf Hitler developed a mouth washing compulsion while living in Vienna and that forever after he refused to put meat in his mouth.


It was while living in Vienna as a tramp, that Hitler's mental state took a a turn for the worse. He increasingly demonstrated obvious signs of mental instability including instances of pressured, grandiose speech and an inability to sleep for days on end--signs of a manic psychosis.

It was not uncommon for Adolf to suddenly begin haranguing even complete strangers with violent speeches which would end as abruptly as they began (Payne, Shirer ). Adolf might be reading the newspaper and then suddenly erupt, or he could be lounging in the shelter or the lobby of the Mannerheim slumped in a somewhat stuporous state, only to suddenly jerk upright, mouthing obscenities, raging, and making accusatory and political speeches in the presence of astonished strangers.

Until his final days Adolf Hitler frequently experienced stages of manic excitement followed by periods of tearfulness and severe depression. Sometimes these cyclic mood changes were quite rapid. Adolf would be raging one moment, only to become exceedingly calm as if nothing had happened, or he might suddenly begin to sob and burst into tears which would flow freely down his cheeks.

That he was suffering from a manic-depressive psychosis which waxed and waned in severity is apparent in his relations with others, his rapidly altering moods, his sudden tears and feelings of overwhelming dispair, the rage attacks, his grandiosity, the sudden instances of pressured and excited speech, and his hyperactivity and tendency to sometimes work and stay awake for days at a time, forsaking even a brief nap in his excited frenzy as he plotted out the destiny of nations and millions of people. Emotional lability was one of the hallmarks of the Hitler character.

This was a man who would burst into tears upon hearing that his canary had died, only to suddenly begin screaming in a blood curdling rage because a pastry was not prepared according to his specifications. One moment he would be the sweet, sensitive child, and in the very next breath, he could erupt and order the deaths of even his closest friends and supporters: "Heads will roll... There will be no peace in the land until a body hangs from every lamppost."

Of course, Hitler's mental instability was also in evidence before he became a tramp, for he appears to have experienced psychotic episodes while living with August Kubizek. As noted, Hitler believed his thoughts could penetrate walls or that he could communicate with others by thought alone--which suggests he may have been delusional and hearing voices. Adolf in fact admitted to hearing voices when he was a soldier and after he became Chancellor of Germany.

For example, he relates the following experience during the first World War. "I was eating dinner in a trench with several comrades. Suddenly a voice seemed to be saying to me, "Get up and go over there." It was so clear and insistent that I obeyed automatically. I rose to my feet and walked twenty yards. Then I sat down to go on eating. Hardly had I done so when a flash and deafening report came from the part of the trench I had just left. Every member in it was killed." (Price)

As Fuehrer of Germany, he also spoke of hearing voices, and claimed that he was following "the commands that Providence has laid upon me....Devine power has willed it... Not even if the whole party tried to drive me to action, I will not act. But if the voice speaks, then I know the time has come to act."

More obvious evidence of psychosis, however, was Adolf Hitler's periodic loss of emotional control, coupled with periods of weeping, or conversely, extreme rage. Throughout his life and while Chancellor, Hitler would suddenly fly into terrifying rages, his face turning purple and blue, the veins on his forehead pulsating and swelling, until finally he would collapse on the floor and scream in an absolutely insane fashion. These rages were so terrible and Hitler sometimes appeared to be so completely spinning out of control, these outbursts sometimes even frightened Hitler. (Wagener, 1976).

On the other hand, Otto Stasser and others believed these rages were sometimes completely under Hitler's control and purposefully designed to make others submissive. "Rage and abuse became the favored weapons in his personal armory."


As the homeless, penniless, possibly delusional and psychotic Hitler wondered about Vienna in rags, he may well have thought he had reached his end. According to Adolf, there seemed to be absolutely no hope in sight. Perhaps he even thought of suicide, for death and destruction were never far from his mind.

One day as the unwashed Hitler hopelessly and aimlessly wondered the streets, he was stopped by an old acquaintance from the Mannerheim, Josef Greiner. Greiner was quite fond of the younger Adolf, loaned him money and proferred some fatherly advice. Soon they were living together. They remained the happy couple for the next several months (Payne).

But then things again seemed to change for the worse, and Hitler grew depressed and morose, and was on the verge of being kicked out on the streets. In fact, it was while wondering the streets that Adolf joined a huge and excited crowd. It was to be a momentous event which would utterly change Hitler's life. War had been declared and the romantic and manic minded Hitler could now indulge a childhood fantasy. He could kill inferior peoples, and thus achieve status and honor while serving and protecting the sanctity of the "Motherland."

"I am not ashamed to say," he later wrote "that in my overwhelming enthusiasm, I sank down on my knees and thanked Heaven from my overflowing heart."

Specifically, on June 28, 1914, in the city of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franze Ferdinand was mortally wounded by a single bullet. He had been shot by Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian nationalist. The second shot killed the archduke's wife. There followed a chain of events which would eventually result in the death of ten million people and the devastation of Europe.

Germany's war-loving Kaiser declared that Germany would enter the battle, and the young men who would be fighting were wildly ecstatic. This included Adolf Hitler who had formerly distinguished himself as a draft dodger who had successfully avoided serving in the Austrian armed forces. This time he would be defending and fighting for Germany! The Motherland!

Adolf Hitler immediately distinguished himself as a brave soldier and dispatch runner in the Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment. He seemed to relish putting himself in harm's way and often volunteered for dangerous assignments. He was twice wounded and returned to action and his unit was frequently in the thick of the fighting. In one battle his unit was reduced from 3,500 to 600 men.

Hitler was a very brave man and he relished and thrived on the death and destruction that surrounded him.

His regimental commander, Baron von Godin, in fact, described Hitler in glowing terms (Payne). "As a dispatch runner, he has shown cold-blooded courage and exemplary boldness and has always volunteered to carry messages in the most difficult situations and at the risk of his life. Under conditions of great peril the untiring and fearless activity of Hitler made it possible for important messages to go through."

Decorated for bravery, Adolf Hitler received five medals including the Iron Cross Second Class, which was awarded in 1914. Four years later he received the Iron Cross First Class, which was an extremely high honor and one rarely awarded to a common soldier (Payne). He was recommended for this award by a Jewish Lieutenant, Hugo Gutmann, a man that Hitler would soon avoid and claim to hate; possibly because of yet another sexual indiscretion, pedestary with an officer. (Rauschning)

Despite his bravery, Adolf was not liked by his fellow soldiers. They found it odd that he had absolutely no interest in women and they ardently disliked his penchant for pedantically following rules and regulations. They also ridiculed him for the unusual attention he lavished on his clothes and boots which he would spend hours shining and cleaning.

Adolf remained a loner, was given to long silences and terrible rages which came on quite suddenly. This was also coupled with periods of manic excitement where he would suddenly run about crazily shouting and delivering harangues about "invisible enemies" (Payne). The other soldiers avoided him.

His comrades were also disgusted by his submissive and servile attitude toward members of the officer corps. Adolf not only demonstrated a slavish attitude toward his superior officers but would volunteer to wash their clothes and run domestic errands for them.

In fact, this servile attitude plagued him even after he become Fuehrer, for he remained nervous, shy and ill at ease when in the company of acknowledged figures of authority, or of high standing or accomplishment, including queens, kings and princes (Speer. Payne). As one observer wrote: "Hitler's eagerness to obtain the good graces of the princes present was subject to much comment. He bowed and clicked and all but knelt in his zeal to please. Beaming in his servile attitude he dashed personally to bring refreshments from the buffet."

Apparently, Hitler could not resist reverting back to his childlike role of being mamma's boy and Herr Oberoffizial Hitler's servile servant. Even as Chancellor, Hitler would suddenly blush like a girl and cry like a child when placed in awkward or embarrassing situations (Langer). It was as if he never grew up and forever remained the pampered, effeminate, albeit angry little boy who was still cloaked as his mother's little girl and who remained under the thumb of his autocratic father. And when he flew into one of his characteristic rages, he was little different from a child, for even the slightest frustration would make him scream with girlish hysterical fury.


Despite his bravery and medals, Adolf Hitler never rose in the ranks beyond corporal as he was deemed morally unfit. His war record listed him as a "pederast", as he had apparently been caught molesting boys (Rauschning). However, it was also rumored that despite his penchant for young males, he also sexually serviced older men and officers (Rauschning), including perhaps, another father figure, lieutenant Hugo Gutmann, a Jew, who recommended the Iron Cross, and a man who Hitler later claimed to hate and detest.

To say that Hitler was confused about his sexual identity, would be an understatement. Adolf had been dressed like a girl as a child, and had likely been sexually abused by his father. Perhaps, worst of all, he may have only possessed one tiny testicle, and he either feared that his father would remove the other one, or he himself may have felt already castrated. Indeed, as Fuerhrer, in addition to a fear of a man stuffing something into his mouth while he slept, Hitler has also been described as "obsessed by the subject of castration" (Shirer). he in fact, used as one of his many excuses for attacking Poland, the persecution and "castration" of German men by Poles (Shirer).

However, be raised by a doting mother, coupled with the fact that his father was frequently absent, not surprisingly Hitler looked largely to his mother and aunt as role models. Both women doted on him, the pampered prince. Adolf Hitler became both girl and boy, and man and woman as this was the manner in which he was raised, shaped, and molded.

Not surprisingly, his upbringing and incessant sexual abuse, colored the manner in which he came to view children and their relationship to adults. Children were to be loved, but they were also to serve as sex objects, cuddled by maternal women, and fucked by powerful authoritarian men. Like many men who have been sexually abused, once he became an adult, Hitler apparently assumed the role of perpetrator, and like father like son, Adolf began having sex with children; that is, with boys (Rauschning)

Certainly he didn't object when others used boys for sex, and in fact, the adult Hitler surrounded himself not just with boys, but with homosexuals with exactly those predilections. In fact, Adolf appointed Ernst Roehm a known homosexual pedophile and child rapist (Wagender, 1976) to take charge of Hitler Youth, as well as the S.A and then later gave this same position to yet another child rapist, Streicher."

Well before and after Adolf Hitler became Fuerher of Germany he loved to be in the company of little children (including little boys dressed in a girlish fashion), and he spent much time with the boys of the Hitler Youth. Hitler's public behavior around these boys (and little girls), interestingly enough, was described as womanly. Many of the boys who came to his attention, including numerous young fellows belonging to the Hitler Youth, were subsequently raped (Wagender, 1976). When complaints of homosexual rape were brought to his attention, Hitler simply dismissed them: "I know all that," Hitler exclaimed, "but young men must be sufficiently mature to know what they are doing. The S.A. is not a kindergarten" (Heidan, 1936).

Hitler also had a peculiar belief about sex with boys. He felt that intimate contact between boys and men allowed for the exchange of "Od rays." (Wagender, 1976). Hitler argued that "the transference of Od energies occurs with greater force and more immediately through physical touch..."


The evidence, detailed above suggests that Adolf Hitler had sexual relations with older men when he was a teenager, and later when he became a tramp living in Vienna.

As he aged, Hitler's sexual interests also turned to children, as well as incest. His Army records from World War I, in fact, list him as a "pederast"--a molester of children. (Langer, Rauschning)

It is not at all uncommon for those who are victims of sex abuse to perpetrate the abuse on other children, sometimes their own.

After Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, several boys in fact admitted to having had sex with him (Rauschning). Moreover, he actually condoned the sexual rape of young recruits by homosexual soldiers (Wagender).

He also believed that intimate contact between boys and certain older men, including kissing was necessary for it allowed for the exchange of energy rays; i.e. "Od rays."

Hitler argued "that people with similar Od rays are attracted to each other, and that applies to men among each other...and to boys. Healthy young boys have an urge to give off excess Od energy to older ones, who can utilize it for their own performance. It is understandable that not only will younger women be attracted to such a man (who possess Od energy), but so will young men and boys" (Wagender, 1976).

Moreover, according to Adolf Hitler, "the transference of Od energies occurs with greater force and more immediately through physical touch---caressing, even kissing."

Hitler also championed a pedophile's dream. That is, he argued that a "Nordic racial type must rule over Germany, after the pattern of the Doric-Nordic ruling race in ancient Greece" (Heidan, 1936) The Dorians were notorious homosexual pedophiles.

Hence, it is not surprising that boys as well as young men were regularly raped in the Hitler Youth division of the SA. Again, many of his closest friends and intimates were homosexuals, pedophiles, and child pornographers, and Hitler himself was labeled a pedophile while serving in the German army.

Hitler's homosexual interests were not limited to boys, but included men, generally of two distinct types: those who resembled his mother, and those who were more brutal and authoritarian, like his father. Later, the whole of Germany would fill this role, becoming both the "motherland" and the "fatherland" who he would protect, serve, abuse, rape and sodomize.


Throughout his life Adolf Hitler retained a fascination with men's body's, apparently preferring men of a "robust body build and height" (Strasser).

After he became leader of the Nazi party, Adolf surrounded himself with either exceedingly feminine or very rough, taciturn and muscular homosexual body guards who would serve as adjuncts, servants, and chauffeurs (Wagender, 1976, Strasser, Rauschning). Many of the Nazi party leader were in fact homosexuals and pedophiles (Heidan, 1936. Rauschning).

Hilter was also attracted to men who were more like his sweet and gentle mother. While a teenager living in Vienna, Adolf Hitler maintained a homosexual relationship with his friend, August Kubizek, which was later followed by a sexual relationship another effeminate fellow, a Jewish man named Neumann.

In the 1920's he may have also begun an affair with the very gay Rudolf "Fraulein Anna" Hess--one of Hitler's earliest supporters. Rudolf Hess served as Hitler's private secretary, even arranging to share Adolf's jail cell in order to continue providing for Hitler's personal needs.

n this regard, however, Hess may well had to share Hitler's affections with the very "gay" Maurice, who also arranged to remain by Hitler's side while in prison.

Yet another of his homosexual lovers included the very effeminate Wolfgang Foerster, a Danzig gauleiter whom Hitler would refer to as his "Bubi"--a common nickname used when homosexuals address their partners.

As a young man, Adolf also had affairs with several older men who essentially took a fatherly interest in him. They not only provided him with fatherly guidance but treated him in what must have seemed a familiar servile and sexually repugnant manner.


It seems that as Adolf Hitler grew to manhood he repeated and perpetuated familiar scenes from his own childhood, repetition compulsions reproducing the comfortable familiar from the long ago. Just as he may have been abused by his father, he allowed himself to be used sexually by older men. Hitler refers to these early horrifying experience in Mein Kampf, and describes them as being part of his "visual education... (as) a little one."

Of course, in imitating his father, he also sought out effeminate homosexual lovers who reminded him of dear old mom, and perhaps that part of himself that he was trying to transcend and outgrow. Humans learn by example, and have a tendency to maintain what seems most familiar such as lovers or friends who can perpetuate or reestablish former family relationships--even when unpleasant, for this replicates the manner in which they were molded and raised; conditions which seem both familiar and normal.

Humans often perpetuate the past by repeating it, or by "acting out." As boys and girls become mom's and dad's they are are sometimes surprised to discover that they sometimes talk and act just like their own parents. Or they find that they have married a woman (or man) just like the woman (man) who married dear old dad (mom). And, if mom or dad were "assholes" then so too will be the love of their life.

For example, like father like son, when Adolf became an adult he also began an affair with his niece and cousin, Geli, the daughter of his half-sister, Angela. Adolf forced Geli to live with him, making her a virtual prisoner and forcing her to engage in obscene sex acts for his amusement. And, just as his mother Klara called her lover and husband "uncle" Adolf forced Geli to do the same.

In fact, much of Adolf Hitler's abnormal behavior, including his aberrant sexuality and violent rage attacks, may well have been learned literally at his daddy's knee.


At the end of World War I, came the disintegration and collapse of the German government, its currency, industry, and economy, and the beginning of Hitler's political awakening. And with his awakening came the full force of his hatred which he focused on the danger of the Jews and the need to "protect the motherland" and preserve the "fatherland" and the purity of the German race. Outraged by Germany's defeat, the socialist and "Jewish scoundrels" who had "stabbed Germany in the back" and the financial ruin and ensuing poverty of the people, Hitler began making spontaneous speeches to small crowds where he demanded "a dictatorship" to rule the state.

Lacking friends, trade skills, and having no record of ever having held a job, Hitler's prospects for employment or for creating political change through force or dialogue must have seemed bleak indeed. Besides, there were no jobs to be had, and now that he was out of the army, there was no one to care for or provide him with direction. According to Adolf he was but a "stray dog looking for a master." Hitler was not alone for millions of men shared his bleak outlook.

Adolf decided to rejoin the army which was now heavily involved in politics and seeking to establish a conservative, nationalistic government more to its liking. Hitler, along with other soldiers were given courses in "political instruction." To the delight of his superiors, Adolf was not only an apt and attentive pupil, but he interrupted lecturers to deliver his own right wing harangues.

His superiors soon promoted Adolf to "educational officer" and sent him on a most fateful journey to Munich to investigate and observe a tiny political group which called itself, the German Worker's Party. Of course, given his penchant for violent discourse, Hitler interrupted one of the speakers, astonishing the audience and the founder of the party. He was invited to join.

Hitler immediately made two important friends, one of whom was an insane, alcoholic, drug addict, Dietrich Eckart, and the other, Captain Ernst Roehm, a notorious homosexual and pedophile who helped organize the first Nazi goon squades, the forerunner to the S.A. Both men were attracted to Hitler for similar reasons, and began spending much time with him. Eckart, in fact, became almost a mother figure who tutored and instructed Adolf, and introduced him to a number of men, both homosexual and otherwise, including Rudolf Hess.

Hitler was now provided a forum and an audience, and he began to formulate and organize the crazy jumble of ideas which first began to sprout when he was a vagabond living in Vienna. Much to his pleasure and the raptured astonishment of his audiences, Adolf Hitler was described even by his enemies as a hypnotic speaker, and then later, as perhaps Germany's greatest orator of all time. Even his admirers, however, could not help but notice the shrill feminine falsetto that often characterized his ravings. Men, and women, began to flock to his talks.

He was soon making two to three speeches a day mesmerizing his audiences with his hysterical tirades against traitors, communists, democrats, capitalists, and the sexual immorality of the Jews and the need to protect the Motherland from their monetary and sexual lusts.

In his first political document, dated, September 16, 1919, he again relied on sexually laced terminology in order to denouce Jews, punctuating his speech with words such as "corruption," "intercourse," inbreeding," "vice," and complaining knowingly that "their power is the power of money....compelling people to tragic consequences."

In 1920 he took charge of the Party's propaganda and later changed the name to the National Socialist German Worker's Party, and introduced the swastika as the party symbol. The swastika, although the symbol of the ancient Roman Empire, is also a sexual symbol, representing four adults lying at angles, linked oral-anal fashion, performing cunnilingus upon one another.

Soon he was addressing crowds of of 6,000 or more people, many of them unemployed men and ex-soldiers, great numbers of whom were no stranger to death and destruction. Many of those who flocked to hear Hitler speak, and who signed up to be in the Nazi party, had also been sexually abused and raised without fathers--a consequence of the devastation wrought by the war of the previous century. Hence, many of he men he addressed were as angry and confused about their own sexual identity as Hitler. They were drawn to the hysterical Adolf Hitler, like moths to a flame.

Adolf, in fact, recognized the essential feminine nature of many of those in attendance, and described them in rather unflattering effeminate terms. Soon he began to see the masses as a sexual, feminine entity, and purposefully designed his harangues to appeal to their sexual conflicts, hidden desires, and womanly nature.

According to Walter Langer, "In regarding his audience as fundamentally feminine in character, his appeal is directed at a repressed part of their personalities. In many of the German men there seems to be a strong feminine-masochistic tendency that is usually covered over by more virile characteristics but which finds partial gratification in submissive behavior, discipline, sacrifice, and so forth." That is, Hitler regarded the men in his audiences as little more than a bunch of closeted homosexuals--just like him. He was purposefully appealing to the woman in them.

"Do you know the audience is just like a woman. Someone who does not understand the intrinsically feminine character of the masses will never be an effective speaker. Ask yourself: "What does a woman expect from a man?" Clearness, decision, power, and action. What we want is to get the masses to act like a woman. Like a woman, the masses fluctuate between extremes... The crowd is not only like a woman, but women constitute the most important element of the audience. The women usually lead, then follow the children, and at last, when I have already won over the whole family--follow the fathers." -Adolf Hitler

As described by one of his followers: "In his speeches we hear the suppressed voice of passion and wooing which is taken from the language of love; he utters a cry of hate and volumptous...they remind us of dark impulses repressed too long."

Of course, it was not just the sexual element which drew these men to Adolf Hitler, but the collective hate these people felt for their despised ineffectual government, the daily deprivations, the humiliation at not only losing the war, but so much of their territory, and the sense of being victimized by "invisible enemies." Moreover, Adolf preached the age old romantic dreams of a Germanic Master race at home among the gods.

Many of these confused, hopeless, and angry men were thus quite willing to submit to this hysterical and effeminate father-figure and mad genius. They would rise up and victimize others, just as they themselves had been victimized.

Soon Hitler was running his party like a dictator, and demanded dictatorial powers and the resignation of the other party leaders. His followers, hypnotized and enchanted with his persona, readily capitulated to his conditions but not before the soon to deposed party leaders labeled Adolf Hitler a "Jew."


Throughout his steady rise to prominence and then power, Hitler surrounded himself with homosexuals, pedophiles, sadist, rapists and sexual perverts as well as criminals and common thieves (Heidan, 1936, Langer, Shirer). Hitler's personal body guard was composed entirely of homosexual men (Langer, Rauschning).

One of his right hand men was Julius Streicher, the Nazi boss of Franconia. Streicher became a well known and feared bisexual sadist and torturer. Streicher was never seen without a whip and he often bragged about the suffering of his victims. The child rapists, Streicher and Roehm were two of the very few men with whom Hitler developed an intimate relationship (Speer, 1970). In fact, the Steicher-Hitler relationship was as much love as it was hate, for Streicher must have reminded Adolf of his dear old authoritarian dad.

In fact, long before 1922 when he joined Hitler, Streicher was a school teacher, and had a reputation for beating and raping his students. A publisher of pornography, he thrilled in writing stories about the ritual murder of children and the rape of women. Sexually explicit and pornographic were his assaults on Jews (Bendersky, 1986).

Another chief lieutenant was Hermann Goering, a heavily decorated fighter pilot. Goering was a drug addict who reveled in beating people and engaging in horrible acts of violence. He temporarily became commander of Hitler's storm troopers, the notoriously violent and sadistic SA whose leadership consisted entirely of violence-loving homosexual pedophiles.

Lieutenant Edmund Heins, was one of Roehm's best friends and lovers, soon became yet another Hitler intimate. Heins became Group Youth Leader of the SA, as well as Chief of Police at Breslau. Heins often had men sexually tortured and flogged to death, sometimes just for the fun of it (Heidan, 1936). Not surprisingly, he also regularly raped young boys.

Another of his intimates included Lieutenant Gerhard Rossback, the "prophet of homosexuality in the National Socialist Party" (Heidan, 1936). However, Adolf's most long lasting and enduring homosexual relationship was with Rudolf Hess, also known as Fraulein Anna.


With his homosexual team of rapists and pedophiles firmly in place, and now dictator of his own political party, Hitler soon began making plans to overthrow the German government. On November 4, 1923, he launched his November Putsch, only to be arrested, convicted, and sentenced to jail. Several of his homosexual supporters volunteered to be sent to prison and to share the same jail cell, just to be by his side. This included Rudolf Hess and Emil Maurice, his very effeminate valet and chauffeur (Payne).

Rudolf Hess had long been known by the nickname of "Fraulein Anna" due to his penchant for playing the female even when not engaged in homosexual activities. Hess became Hitler's secretary and eventually Vice Chancellor and was one of the few individuals allowed to address him using the very familiar "Du." For a time, the subservient Hess and Hitler became almost inseparable (Payne), thus replicating a pattern that began with his mother, and had included Kubizek and Neumann.

It was "Fraulein" Hess who faithfully took dictation and typed and edited Hitler's tome, Mein Kempf as they whiled away the hours in prison. It is in this book where Hitler laid out in great redundancy, the need for a Fuehrer who had supreme authority, the insignificance of men, the purity of the German race, the requirement for living space in the East, and the removal of all Jews who were repeatedly

described in sexually derogatory terms.


Hitler surrounded himself with pedophiles and homosexuals, no doubt maintaining intimate sexual relations with at least some of them. This he kept secret as publically he preached sexual purity. For the most part his homosexual cadres also remained closeted, though homosexuality and pedophilia was in fact rampant throughout Germany.

However, in a curious twist of sexual politics and brazen hypocrisy more typical of an American politician, the Nazi's initially preached a regimen of sexual purity for the masses. They even condemned homosexuality. However, in the mind of Hitler and certain Nazi's, there was a difference between those who were born homosexual and who actively corrupted others, versus those who had been seduced and led astray and thus developed a taste for perversion due to their unfortunate homosexual experiences. Hence, the former were to be sent to concentration camps, whereas the later (which apparently included Hitler) were to be forgiven their sexual trespasses.

The Nazi's also employed their publications to promote a sexual ideal for German women, while simultaneously filling their pages with pictures and stories depicting and describing sadistic rapes. Of course there were also countless articles condemning the sexually perverted money hungry Aryan-woman chasing morally polluted Jews.

For the masses, Hitler and his homosexual Nazi cadres initially proscribed sexual abstinence until marriage and thus sexual control so as to maintain German purity. Later, once they achieved power, Hitler and the Nazis began passing laws to enforce these hypocracies, including the first sexual harassment laws not based on religious dogma.

Hitler may have been thinking of his own mother when he began promulgating the first sexual harassment laws designed to protect German women from the vileness and sexual harassment of men.

According to Hitler, sexuality should only permitted between husband and his otherwise chaste and pure wife, the sole purpose of which was to produce clean, healthy, strong men and women to serve the "Fatherland." Indeed, as a teenager and dictator of the Nazi Party, and then again after he became Chancellor, Hitler ranted at length about the need to preserve sexual purity and to remove moral temptations from public life (Heidan, 1936). Perhaps he was describing his own inability to resist temptation. As argued in Main Kampf:

"Theater, art literature, cinema, press, posters, and window displays must be cleansed of all manifestations of our rotting world. Public life must be freed from the stifling perfume of our modern eroticism."

"What has been done to check the contamination of our youth in the big cities? What has been done to attack the infection, the resulting syphilization of our people? The first prerequisite for even the moral right to combat these things is the facilitation of earlier marriage...How lost, how incomprehensible is the future husband who has already sown his wild oats.... Do people fail to realize what a curse on the part of their children and children's children they are heaping on themselves by such criminal frivolity? For this reason alone early marriage is sound."

Hitler and the Nazi's issued numerous edicts to "Safeguard the religious, moral, and ethical values" of the German people (Wheaton) and passed a number of morals laws such as the "Population Policy" announced on June 28, 1933; the 1935 Nuremberg Laws entitled "For the Protection of German Blood and German Honor," and the "Immoral Offenses Act" passed on November 24, 1936.

In part the purpose of these laws was to force compliance with the Nazi's public notions of sexual morality and the need to protect women from their own whorish nature and their tendency to be easily had. These laws were also designed to regulate reproduction rights, including sexual intercourse and abortion not only between Jews and Aryans, but between German's who were thought to be unfit.

Anticipating American "radical feminists" and liberal democrats, Hitler and the Nazi's initially proclaimed that the purity of German women was to be protected at all costs, and those who dared treat or act toward a female in any sexual fashion, anyone who made her feel sexually uncomfortable, risked fine, punishment, or even castration and confinement in the concentration camps. Any actions and speech of Aryan men that remotely smote of sexual immorality were verbotten (Reich, Heidan, 1936). Even striking an unfaithful wife became outlawed. (Wheaton)

Consider for example, the following article which appeared in the Nazi press in August of 1933: "Concentration Camp for Immoral Aquatic Athletes. The Hamburg police department has instructed its force to keep a sharp eye on the behavior of aquatic athletes who often fail to observe the simple rules of public morals. The police department intends to take drastic steps against those who violate its regulations and put them in concentration camps so that they can learn decency and morality." (Reich).

The nature and conduct of the Nazi leadership in private, of course, was anything but that. Homosexual and bisexual orgies as well as rape fests were not uncommon (Rauschning). The out-of-wedlock birthrate in fact skyrocketed in Nazi Germany.

And yet, in regard to the masses, it was not really sexuality per se the Nazi's wished to control. Hitler claimed he had learned his lessons from the Church, which he in fact used as a model in setting up his own poltical party and then his government. Specifically, by controlling sexuality the Nazi's believed they could control human access to pleasure and thus gain complete dominance over those they wished to yoke and psychologically castrate. "When you have the women, the men will follow," Hitler proclaimed.

Sex laws created to protect women were in fact designed to harness control over women in particular and the masses in general, much in the same manner that the Catholic's, Moslem's and Confucian's had maintained control for almost two thousand years. Indeed, as Hitler realized, the hallmark of all paternal religions is to control the sexual process and a man's capability to gain sexual access to a woman by cloaking her in the chains of a single dominant male. In Germany this was the Fuerher. Among the Moslems, Jews and Christians, it is a male God. In modern America, it is the U.S. government and legal system.

However, just as U.S. government, radical feminist, and liberal democratic policies have, until just recently, encouraged single women and teenage girls to to repeatedly become pregnant, rewarding them financially for each additional child they bring into the world, the Nazi's in fact, did the same.


Although women were attracted to Hitler he did not know how to interact with them--though he certainly held a fascination for their genitalia and buttocks: the bigger the better. He was incapable of understanding their flirtations or how to behave with them in a "normal" manner (Payne, Langer, Kubizek, Heidan, 1936 ). Indeed, many of those who dallied with him sexually were terribly disappointed if not shocked by his disgusting and bizarre behavior, and invariably lost any respect they held for him (Heidan, 1936). Others, however, were quite pleased to satisfy his perversions, due perhaps to their own twisted upbringing.

Hitler's relations with women remained abnormal throughout his life (Speer, Langer, Heidan, 1936 ). After he became leader of the Nazi party, he established servile relations with several older women who would baby and mother him or scold and embarrass him while he stood like a bad little boy with his head bowed (Langer). When around matronly or older women, Adolf sometimes behaved like a "schoolboy" with a "shy eagerness to do nothing wrong" (Speer).

After he became leader of the Nazi Party, Hitler, in fact, formed mother-son relationships with a succession of older women, some providing him money, a shoulder to cry on or a warm bosom upon which he might lay his weary head.

Nevertheless, even these mother figures found him odd in the sexuality department, particularly given his obvious disinterest in even alluring and beautiful women who were available to him sexually. Those matrons who attempted to play matchmaker found he was unresponsive even to ladies who were exceedingly charming and sexually attractive. "I would leave him alone with my most charming friends, but he wouldn't respond" complained Mrs. Goebbels who was one of the last to take on the role of mommy.

Secretly, however, Hitler often had male and female prostitutes and strip tease artists brought to his apartment, the Brown House in Munich or to the Berchtesgaden, where they would disrobe, display their genitals, or have sex as he watched. Hitler also collected pornographic art which adorned the walls of his apartment. However, being an artist, Hitler also enjoyed having women disrobe, including his niece, whom he would then drawn while they posed nude.

Eventually, however, one young girl began to stir his interest. It was the daughter of his half sister, Angela. Like father like son, Hitler was to fall in love with a niece and cousin, Geli Raubal--a girl just like the girl who married dear old dad.

Before forming a relationship with his niece, Geli, however, Adolf apparently engaged in several brief and unusual sexual affairs, the first of which was with a very "Tomboyish" bisexual prostitute, Henny Hoffman. Henny may well have served as a dominantrixs dominantrics. Later, she married Baldur von Shirach, a bisexual pedophile and leader of the Nazi Youth Movement (Langer), who supposedly indulged in the rape of children. Why would a homosexual pedophile get married? Adolf Hitler insisted on it.

Henny was also the daughter of Heinrich Hoffman, who later became Hitler's official photographer. The Hoffman home, in fact, was known to serve as a meeting place for lesbians, bisexuals, pedophiles, and homosexuals where all types of sexual practices were indulged and often filmed or photographed (Langer). Hoffman made numerous pornographic films and pictures, many of which were viewed by the voyeuristic Hitler, becoming part of his permanent collection.

Years later, Hitler would form a more enduring relationship with Heinrich's assistant, Eva Braun. Eva was more than willing to satisfy Hitler's rather perverse sexual needs. Indeed, Eva prided herself on her gymnastic skills, and in her home movies we see little Eva take numerous provocative "gymnastic" poses and contortions, usually accompanied by a vampish smile. It is said that Eva was quite happy to assume these same poses to satisfy the voyeuristic lusts of Adolf and that he drew many pornographic pictures of her so exposed. Apparently, only the most modest of these drawings have been passed down to posterity.

It appears, however, that Hitler's first true love, that is, with a woman, was with his niece, Geli Raubal.


Geli Raubal was the daughter of his half sister, Angela Hitler Raubal. When exactly their affair began is unknown. However, in 1929 Hitler moved into a large apartment and had himself appointed Geli's guardian. Geli was forced to occupy the bedroom next to his and was required to be at his beck and call in order to serve his rather perverse sexual needs on command. In fact, he often kept her locked up whenever she could not accompany him. She was a prisoner of desire.

This bizarre sexual relationship, although kept as private as possible, nevertheless even raised eyebrows among the perverts and homosexuals of his own party who objected and advised the utmost discretion (Payne). Hitler, however, was completely infatuated with the young girl and extremely possessive. He had her openly accompany him to social functions but would fly into a rage if anyone paid the slightest attention to her (Wagender; Heidan). It was his intention to possess her entirely and to maintain a most peculiar sexual relationship with her.

Geli was both companion and unwilling prisoner, and Hitler made many unusual sexual demands, including that she strip naked and take obscene poses so that he could sketch her beautiful young body. It was also said that he enjoyed having her squat naked over him and demanded that she defecate on his face. And when she was not being required to kick him as he laid naked at her feet, he would whip her, or require her to whip him, with his bull-hide whip--just as he and his mother had been whipped by his father (Payne, Langer).

Hitler had a fondness for whips and apparently enjoyed striking his thighs or hand with them (Waite). His three most favorite whips were all given to him by three of his most intimate mother substitutes (Waite).

Geli was not happy with this relationship and complained bitterly that "My uncle is a monster. You would never believe the things he makes me do." She told several close friends that he frequently required her to undress and stand or squat over him so that he could inspect her anal regions (Payne, Langer). Later she admitted that he ordered her to pee and defecate. Geli was miserable but was forced to live with him for several stormy years. Their relationship, however, came to a quite sudden end. One morning they had a terrible fight, and Adolf screamed and denounced her in a jealous rage. Later that day she was found shot to death, killed by Hitler's gun. The death was ruled a suicide. And yet, it was also reported that Geli's body was found to have extensive bruises and the bridge of her nose was broken (Payne, 1973).

Geli Raubal was not his only victim. Before he assumed power, he apparently caused the death of at least one other woman, Renarte Mueller. How many others died and were discretely disposed of, we do not know.


Hitler also engaged in a very brief and unusual affair with Renarte Mueller, a beautiful and sexy aspiring actress. Like Geli, Renarte was shocked, distressed, and disgusted by what Adolf required of her.

After her first date with Hitler, her director and close friend had asked her why she was so upset. Renarte told him that "the evening before she had been with Hitler. She had been sure that he was going to have intercourse with her... they had both undressed and were apparently getting ready for bed when Hitler fell on the floor and begged her to kick him. She demurred, but he pleaded with her and condemned himself as unworthy, heaped all kinds of accusations on his own head, and just groveled in an agonizing manner. The scene became intolerable to her, and she finally acceded to his wishes and kicked him. This excited him greatly, and he begged for more and more, always saying that it was even better than he deserved. As she continued to kick him, he became more and more excited." (Langer)

Was Hitler acting out scenes from his childhood? Was this the manner in which Klara Hitler was forced to submit to Alois? Had Adolf been subject to similar childhood sexual abuse?

Despite his tendency to ridicule men for their sexual foolishness, Hitler, displayed similar servile traits when in the company of sexy and beautiful women--incidents which were observed by many of his aids and party leaders, including Strasser and Rauschning. Hitler would literally grovel at their feet in an absolutely humiliating, degrading, and disgusting manner, even proclaiming that he is unworthy of their attentions (Langer).

In any case, just as the first two women in his father's life had died under mysterious circumstances, the same fate befell Geli and Renarte Mueller, and who knows how many other women and prostitutes.

After several dates with Adolf and then begging out of the relationship Renarte was thrown from the window of a Berlin Hotel. Her death was ruled a suicide.


On January 30, 1933, with yet another German government in collapse, and with the backing of less than 40% of the German electorate, Adolf Hitler was given the Chancellorship of Germany. He quickly and "legally" obtained and assumed complete dictatorial powers, but not before arresting all the Communist representatives in the Reichstag, as well as those Social Democrats who opposed him, thereby providing the Nazi's with a majority who then quickly passed the "enabling act." Hitler was now the supreme dictator.

Soon thereafter he ordered that his most important or troublesome enemies, as well as former supporters, close friends, including hundreds of officers and the entire homosexual leadership from his own SA, be shot, stabbed, hanged, and hacked to death.

Thousands of men were dragged from their own homes and transported without trial directly to the first make shift concentration camps, usually located in old buildings. There they were often murdered, but not before being systematically sexually tortured and beat, their bones pulverized and mangled. However, even those who survived were maimed and crippled for life.

Although certainly there was wide spread shock, nobody should have been surprised. Terror and brutality had been affectively employed by Hitler and his cronies since the early 1920's, and had been a major factor in his rise to power. The lectures and meetings of those who opposed him were commonly disrupted and its participants and speakers beaten. Men of opposing ideologies were murdered. As Hitler's popularity increased so to did his use of terror tactics, now enforced by the extremely brutal and sadistic S.A. However, his initial terror campaigns were not at first aimed at the Jews, but at members of the opposition.

Fear is a very powerful weapon, for once a man learns to fear you, he ceases to provide formidable opposition but generally cowers in retreat, seeking anonymity. It has been said, "once you have them by the balls, their hearts and mind swill follow." After Hitler conducted his 24 hour "blood purge" in which thousands of opponents, competitors, friends and the entire leadership of the S.A. were brutally murdered, and Germany awoke the next morning and took stock, the people became afraid. The opposition had been castrated and put to death. Anyone could be next.

Authoritarian control too is a powerful weapon, particularly in a nation where the rigid and often brutal power of so many millions of German fathers had left an indelible and permanent impression in the minds of their young sons. German men were taught to bow down and obey, including those left fatherless by the previous wars and raised by strict but loving women who tried to be both mother and father to them--fatherless boys often preyed upon by pedophiles. Adolf Hitler personified the sought after authoritarian father figure that the desire for familiarity, domination, and sexual subjugation demanded, as well as those feminine elements associated with mom.

Hitler's rise to power, of course, was not simply due to terror tactics. Adolf Hitler was a mesmerizing, hypnotic speaker, and millions of Germans shared his hateful and violent vision or soon became swept up in the hysteria of the Hitler mania--women especially. Women, in fact, often made up nearly half of the audiences which flocked to hear Hitler speak, and comprised his most ardent and enthusiastic supporters, donating even large sums of money.

Once Hitler came to power, the vast majority of the German peoples willfully and eagerly followed his dictates, many even comparing him to God and Jesus Christ--a Jew worshiped by Gentiles--an angry fist which would savagely strike a scattered people and drive them back to Palestine, Israel, the Promised Land.

It was not just women and the common people who willingly yielded to the Hitler madness! Germany's liberal free press, the liberal, intellectual and cultural elite, as well as scientists, professors and college students enthusiastically adopted and goose stepped in tandem with what was then perceived as "politically correct." Indeed, students and professors from Universities throughout the land excitedly joined together, burning and tossing thousands of books to the flames, actively opposing politically incorrect thinking, and ousting from academia not just Jews, but all those who did not accept the Hitler blue print, and his ideas regarding sexual morality and the noble superiority of the German race.

Soon, in just a few more years, not just books, but the whole world would be in flames.


In his brilliant text, William Shirer concluded that "the man who founded the Third Reich, who ruled it ruthlessly and often with uncommon shrewdness, who led it to such dizzy heights and to such a sorry end, was a person of undoubted, if evil, genius... Adolf Hitler... was possessed of a demonic personality, uncanny instincts, a cold ruthlessness, a remarkable intellect, a soaring imagination, and--until the end when drunk with power and success, he overreached himself--an amazing capacity to size up people and situations. To the majority of Germans Hitler had the aura of a truly charismatic leader. They were to follow him blindly, as if he possessed a divine judgement."

Forty million men, women and children, and all manner of animal and living thing died because of Adolf Hitler, a brilliant, but sexually deranged psychopath who went through life following the dictates of divine providence and seeking to destroy his own unknown face, and, perhaps, the face of the man who sired him. The last life he would take, would be his own, but not before wishing the same for all of Germany and the German peoples: "They are not worthy of me."

Almost thirteen years after becoming Chancellor of Germany and announcing the founding of a Third Reich which was to endure a thousand years, Adolf Hitler lay smoldering in a shallow open pit grave, and Europe, and the Father-Motherland, lay raped, sodomized, and in ruins.

"We shall not capitulate... no never. We may be destroyed, but if we are, we shall drag a world with us... a world in flames." -Adolf Hitler


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