Rape of Nanking - Nanjing Massacre
Nightmare in Nanking

"The whole world should see this movie." --Editor, Sina.com

"This movie has had a world wide impact." --China Central TV

"The best most influential movie ever made on this tragedy..." --China Central TV

"Thoughtful.... Profound.... Shocking..." --The People's Daily --Sing Tao
--Beijing Youth Daily --China Youth Daily --Global Times --World Journal

Over 16 Million (estimated) Views/Downloads
"Top 10 Most Discussed Films of All Time" (2007)

Over 30,000 Posted Comments Online.

More People Have Watched This Film than Watch PBS or HBO

Two DVD set

DVD 1: Rape of Nanking - Nanjing Massacre

DVD 2 (Atrocities): Unit 731, Hiroshima
Asia's Stolen Treasures, Sex Slaves & Comfort Women,
Japanese Atrocities, Qing Dynasty Atrocities, Nazi Genocide (DVD 2)

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Rape of Nanking - Atrocities
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Rape of Nanking - Atrocities
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DVD 1: Rape of Nanking
DVD 2: Atrocities

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DVD 1: Rape of Nanking
DVD 2: Atrocities

Rape of Nanking
The Documentary Movie

by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.

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Rape of Nanking: China & Japan At War. Japanese Atrocities in Asia.
Running Time: 77 Minutes
Black & White, & Color.
Produced, Directed & Written by: Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.
This Film Has Been Viewed or Downloaded over 16 Million Times!

"The best... most influential film ever made about this tragedy"--China Central TV.

Japanese soldiers tear out the eyes of children, gang-rape women then set them on fire, bury people alive or use them for bayonet practice...beheading women, children, old men....and torturing people for fun...and then laughing hysterically as victims, who have been set on fire, run screaming through the night...

"We had fun killing Chinese. We caught some innocent Chinese and either buried them alive, or pushed them into a fire, or beat them to death with clubs. When they were half dead we pushed them into ditches and burned them, torturing them to death. Everyone gets his entertainment this way. Its like killing dogs and cats." --Asahi Shimbun, Japanese soldier, describing Japanese atrocities during the Rape of Nanking.

"We took turns raping them. We always stabbed and killed them. When we were raping her, we looked at her as a woman. But when we killed her, we just thought of her as something like a pig." --Azuma Shiro, Japanese soldier.

The Rape of Nanking begins with a brief historical overview of ancient China and Nanking, and then Japan and the Japanese religion, Shinto, at the beginning of the 20th Century. The second third of the film depicts the Japanese invasion of China, Shanghai, and then the invasion of Nanking, and in the final third, the Rape of Nanking.

A preview of Nightmare in Nanking was shown for the first time, on June 27, 2005, in Silicon Valley, California, in a small theater which seats 300. Over 400 people packed the room, it was standing room only. It was deathly quiet throughout the film. I received several "standing" ovations at the end of the film, and no one left the theater (except reporters rushing to meet deadlines) for almost an hour after the film ended. Members of the audience spontaneously offered thousands of dollars in donations to help promote the film.

A second showing of Nightmare in Nanking, was held on August 3, 2005, in Fremont, CA. As with the first showing on June 27, it was "standing room only" with people lining the walls and sitting on the floor. Over 100 people had to be turned away. By the end of the film members of the audience were in shock and in tears, and that includes Whites, Asians, teenagers, and war veterans.

Nightmare in Nanking (Rape of Nanking) has now been shown on the East coast and West coast, in the north and the south, from New York to California, and throughout the United States, and we filled theaters in China.
Over 6 Million Copies of this Movie Have Been Viewed or Downloaded In the US! Over 16 million (estimated) world wide.

Hundreds of articles and reprints of articles praising this film have appeared in the Chinese and Chinese-American media, including The People's Daily, The Beijing Youth Daily, China Youth Daily, etc.. Hundreds of websites in China host our film, and pirates commonly sell pirated versions on DVD.

This Film is a 100% Independent Production.

Documentary: The Rape of Nanking Triumphs in Nanking

On December 9, 2007, the highly acclaimed documentary film, "The Rape of Nanking" was shown for the first time in a Chinese theater in China. Appropriately, it was shown in Nanking, the site of the worst massacre in human history, some 70 years ago.

The showing was an incredible success, the theater was filled with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Chinese men and women, many standing against the walls as all the seats were taken. The president of the university sponsoring the film, proclaimed it was the most successful and most well attended event in the history of the school.

The film was shown again in Wuhan, and over 1,800 people came to watch our film, and the theater was filled to capaity.

Thus, we filled theaters in China to capacity, and as always, the audience was left in shock and in tears.

We thank all those who supported this film for this great success!

"Hitler's Diaries" & the English Language Editions:
Rape of Nanking
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