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Frontal, Temporal, Parietal, Occipital Lobes
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Limbic System: Amygdala, Hippocampus, Hypothalamus, Septal Nuclei, Cingulate
ADVANCED TEXT: Emotion, Cognition, Memory, Development, Language, Abnormal Behavior…
Head Injuries, Concussions & Brain Damage: Cerebral and Cranial Trauma, Skull Fractures….
Basal Ganglia, Brainstem, Cerebellum, Striatum, Thalamus: Caudate, Putamen, Globus Pallidus...
Frontal Lobes: Neuroscience, Personality, Emotion, Language, Alien Hand, Free Will….
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Neuroscience: Neuropsychology, Neuropsychiatry. Introduction...
The Frontal Lobes: Neuroscience, Neuropschiatry, Neuropsychology, Neurology...
Parietal Lobe: Body Image, Visual Spatial Perception, Language
Stroke: Thrombi, Emboli, Hemorrhage, Aneurysms, Athersclerosis, TIA, CVA...
Basal Ganglia, Striatum, Thalamus, Caudate, Putamen, Globus Pallidus, Brainstem...
Limbic System: Hypothalamus, Amygdala, Hippocampus, Cingulate...
Temporal Lobe: Language, Memory, Emotion
Head Injuries, Skull Fractures, Concussions, Contusions, Hemorrhage, Coma...
Memory, Amnesia, Amygdala, Hippocampus, Neural Networks…
Free Will and the Frontal Lobes: Loss of Will, Against the Will…
Brainstem and Cerebellum: Medulla, Pons, Midbrain....
Right Hemisphere, Left Hemisphere, Consciousness, Unconscious Mind....

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Fetal Cognitive & Brain Development: Normal & Abnormal
Child & Infant Emotional & Cognitive Brain Development
Brain & Mind
Introduction, Primer
Development of Consciousness, Language, Emotion & Thought

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Infinity - The Big Bang

Infinite Universe: Quantum Physics of Infinity
Extinctions: History, Origins & Future of Mass Extinctions
The Big Bang: A Critical Analysis...

Sex Slaves

Comfort Women

Two DVD set

DVD 1: Rape of Nanking - Nanjing Massacre

DVD 2 (Atrocities): Unit 731, Hiroshima
Asia's Stolen Treasures, Sex Slaves & Comfort Women,
Japanese Atrocities, Qing Dynasty Atrocities, Nazi Genocide (DVD 2)

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DVD 1 contains Rape of Nanking.
DVD 2 contains 7 short documentaries of War Atrocities

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Sex Slaves, Comfort Women
Rape, Torture

Rape of Nanking - Atrocities
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DVD 1: Rape of Nanking
DVD 2: Atrocities

Two Sided DVD
"Hitler's Diaries" (Side A)
The Rape of Nanking (Side B)
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The A-Side: "Hitler's Diaries".
The B-Side: The Rape of Nanking
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The Rape of Nanking
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The Rape of Nanking
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Comfort Women & Sex Slaves

The military Sexual Slavery is definitely the worst case of systematic violation of women rights against Humanity committed by a country in our modern History.

In 1980s, the outcry of the former sex slaves started capturing the world wide attention, and slowly has gained the wide international support.

In the beginning, Japanese government refused to admit any involvement of the state, as illustrated by Japan's position stated in the house of councilor's Budget Committee Session of June 1990 that "Comfort Women" were recruited by private sector operators.

In 1992, Professor Yoshiaki Yashimi of Chuo University unearthed document from archives of Japanese Armyed Forces proving the involvement of military authorities.

Then, the Japanese government changed a bit but continues to deny by saying that the women were not forcibly recruited.

The lawsuits filed by South Korea women including Ms. Kim Hak Sun have finally shed some light to this worst case against women's human rights in this century.

Japan did not even admit to the Sexual Salvery until 1993.

The Japan's first wartime "Facility for Sexual Comfort" was opened in Nanjing in 1938. Thousands Chinese, Korean women were forced into sexual slavery. In Shanghai alone, the Japanese military set up 90 sex stations, with about 500 women serving soldiers at each station.

Used the sex slaves, Japanese army extorted large sums of money from the women's families in exchange for their release.

Research has shown that the previous estimated 200,000 by U.N. did not take into account of China, because China came into the research picture much later than its Asian neighbors. In Shanghai alone, the Japanese military set up 90 sex stations, with about 500 women serving soldiers at each station. The actual number of sex slaves should be closer to 400,000.

Of the approx. 400,000 sex slaves, only 10 % lived through the ordeal and just about 500 are believed alive today. They were forced to serve up to 40 men a day.

No one knows the true figure. Many have concealed their past, considering it too shameful.

In Feb. 1992, the "comfort women" issue was first taken up at the United Nations by attorney Etsuro Totsuka at the commission of Human Rights adopted a resolution criticizing all form of violence against women in war situation.

In Nov. 1992, the International Commission of Jurists recommended that the Japanese Government should pay state compensation of US $20,000 to each of the victims for their physical and emotional damages. The Japanese government insisted that the recommendation from UN do not imply any legal binding, therefore, the Japan has no obligation to comply with them.

In Aug. 1994, Japanese Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama annonunced a project for "Peace and Friendship Exchanges" tried to solve this issue. The proposal was criticized both at home and aboard that Japan is not taking its responsibility of state compensation to the victims.

In July. 1995, Japanese government established a private sector fund called "Asian Women's Fund" (AWF) tried to settle the "Comfort Women" issue privately. However, the fund has been rejected by most of the victims of military slavery slavery by Japan and their support groups.

They strongly opposed the "Asian Women Fund" because the private fund covers up the war crime of Japanese government and the systematic sexual violence again women committed by a country. Most victims have refused it and say "We want no charity, but dignity".

On Jan. 4 1996, the U.N. Human Rights Commission released an official report, submitted by the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women Radhika Coomaraswamy, on the wartime sex slavery, report by International Commision of Jurists, Geneva Comfort Women : an unfinished ordeal,

In April 1996, the delegate to U.N. from China, for the first time, stated that Japan should pay state compensation to the victims of sexual slavery by Japan during WWII.

With the financial support from Japanese government, the AWF has been actively exploring its canvassing, large scale advertisement and disunited activities in victimized countries.

In Aug. 1996, 5 Filipino victims became the first group to receive 2 million yen each from AWF, together with a letter from Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto. However, the 5 Filipino victims refused the letter and declared that they will continue their fight to demand official apology and compensation because the money from the private fund was not meant as a redress because Japanese government had not made state compensation.

To encourage victims to accept the "offer of atonement", Japanese government decided in Jan. 1997, to pay out extra money to be used for medical care and welfare through the AWF. Still, most victims have rejected the offer and only few accepted.

In Sept. 1997, Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation in Taiwan held an unprecedented fund raising with the support of a famous Taiwanese historian and writer Lee Auh. It successfully raised and distributed 500,000 NT (2 million yen) each to 42 victims going against AWF. In Dec. 1997, Taiwan government matched the fund and distributed another 2 million yen each to all victims rejecting AWF.

In May 1998, South Korea paid 34.5 million won (about 3.5 million yen) to 12 victims. In May 8, 1998 the payment made by the Health and Welfare ministry, comprised 31.5 million won from state coffers and 3 million won from an additional 6.5 million won donated by non-government organizaiton. South Korea will continue making payments to the remaining victims through welfare section of Korean local government.

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