The Sexiest Females on the Planet: Female Sexuality and Sexual Harassment Hysteria,

The Sexiest Females on the Planet: Female Sexuality and Sexual Harassment Hysteria,

Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, Ph.D.


The human female is the sexiest female on the planet. Unlike all other females, she is eager, willing, and capable of having sexual intercourse regardless of season, ovulation, and at all times throughout year. Unlike all other species of female, she continually advertises her sexual availability as she has evolved luscious swollen breasts and an enlarged derriere, which, among other primates, signals sexual arousal and desire for sexual intercourse. And, the human female mimics the other sexual signs of primate-sexual-estrus by wearing cosmetics, perfume and rouge so as to stimulate male sexual arousal and pursuit. The human female continually advertises her sexuality.

The human female is the sexiest female on the planet. She can sexually exhaust male after male, and can experience orgasm after orgasm, one after another, each becoming increasingly pleasurable, and with no lessening of sexual desire. It is her primate heritage; for whereas ancestral estrus-females may have had sex from 20 to 50 times per day and with all the males of her troop, modern woman can have from 20 to 50 orgasms in a matter of hours. Her sexual charms and unlimited sexual capacity makes her potentially insatiable. She is so deliciously sexually intoxicating that she sexually arouses not just men, but other women.

The human female is the sexiest female on the planet, and throughout the ages she has been worshipped as Madonna and goddess, and vilified as insatiable demoness whore. Artists, priests, women and men, have been obsessed with woman, her body, her sexuality, since time immemorial, and throughout the ages and regardless of culture, the matriarchs and patriarchs of society, religion, and government, have sought to celebrate, control, prohibit, suppress, punish, harness, deify, and exploit her body and insatiable sexual potential. From the inception of the written word, innumerable laws, rules, edicts, and regulations have been proposed and enacted to control her and man's access to her body.

Humans are obsessed with sex and the female body, and these obsessions take myriad forms. However, because obsessions are often irrational and a form of insanity, attitudes and proclamations made about female sexuality are often the product of irrational and unsound minds. In consequence, female sexuality, and what constitutes normal sexual behavior, is not just misunderstood, but is often labeled as sinful, exploitive, criminal, and depraved. Consider, for example, sexual pursuit and the use of mild force to stimulate female sexual arousal.

The females of numerous species often become sexually aroused and will ovulate if pursued and subject to mild sexual force. Female humans, primates, mammals, reptiles, and birds not uncommonly purposefully provide contradictory signals regarding sexual availability, one form of which is through flirting followed by flight. These female "mating" behaviors are designed to stimulate male sexual pursuit as well as female sexual arousal. Even if she initially runs away and seems disinclined, the females of innumerable species become increasingly sexually aroused when an aggressive, sex crazed male pursues and actively seeks her sexual favors. His pursuit and willingness to use force is a reliable gauge of her sexual desirability and the male's fitness as a mate. Moreover, when she flees, then resists, and is then penetrated by the male penis, she may ovulate thus insuring she becomes pregnant.

These mating behaviors are common among humans, primates, mammals, reptiles, and birds.

For example, estrus female Japanese macaques may approach an adult male, vocalize to get his attention, turn and sway her derriere enticingly, and then back up towards him so as to emphasize her swollen genitals. Once he responds she may "run in apparent terror when approached by a potential mating partner." If he gives up the chase, she may return and sway her swollen derriere, sometimes backing right up into his face, only to again run away in the hope that he may follow and then force her to have sex.

Estrus female chimps are sometimes brutalized and dragged off to some isolated spot where they then have sex for days. However, although she may whimper and offer token resistance, all she need do is scream and other males would come to her rescue.

Studies have also shown that some women will say "no" and may resist the male's sexual advances because it makes it more sexually exciting to offer resistance and for the male to overwhelm them and force them to have sexual intercourse. In fact, several studies have shown that young women who have been "date raped," continue to date and have sex with their "rapists." Indeed, following the "date rape" she may repeatedly masturbate while she fantasizes about the "rape." She may even marry her rapist. Of course, what we are describing here is not a violent sadistic rape perpetrated by a stranger, but mild force that the female responds to with "token" resistance only to acquiesce when she becomes aroused. Resistance overcome by mild force is a common staple of "romance" novels. More "romance" novels ("bodice rippers") are sold than all other genres combined.

By contrast, she will generally never again date the male who acquiesced when she said "no." If a male takes her first "no" as a final answer and ceases to pursue, she will lose interest; though she may give him a second chance to use mild force by teasing him yet again. Likewise, in the animal kingdom, the male who gives up when the female resists, loses out on the opportunity to mate.

Some human females, in fact, report that they purposefully provide contradictory signals, and may reject and walk away from the man, as a test, even though they are attracted to him. Only the man who shows sufficient self confidence, and who indicates that the female is so desirable that he will continue to pursue, is provided an opportunity to mate and pass on his worthy genes.

Having no understanding of biology or what constitutes normal sexuality, radical feminists, academics, and the political elite often define these same behaviors as rape and sexual harassment. As preached by "radical feminists," heterosexual sex is degrading and all women are sexual victims who are being sexually exploited by evil men.

Some anti-sex feminists even claim that every time a woman has sex (with a man) she has been raped. Even if the sex was consentual, even if she was a willing and eager participant, she has been raped and defiled. Unfortunately, by purposefully misinforming the public and these young women, radical feminists and their allies tend only to make women feel badly and confused about their sexuality and sexual needs.

For example, according to a "study" released in 2000 ("The Sexual Victimization of College Women") 49% of women who do not believe they have been raped, have in fact been raped. According to the authors of this "report" these "rape victims" may not believe they have been raped because they do "not clearly understand the legal definition of the term."

We beg to differ. A woman does not need to become a lawyer in order to determine if she has been raped. Rather, it is the academics and anti-sex feminists who have no understanding of the term "rape," and this is because they have absolutely no understanding of what constitutes normal sexual relations between men and women. Indeed, the academics and "radical" feminists who issue these bogus anti-sex "reports" in fact contribute to the victimization of women, simply because they make such utterly ridiculous, and often psychotic anti-sex statements. These feminists diminish the horror of "rape" by defining the term as including even normal sexual relations between women and men. Eeek! A man!!! Even if at first she offered "token" resistance (as many women find this sexually exciting and/or do not wish to be perceived as "easy"), so long as the woman willingly acquiesces, sex with a man is not "rape."

However, let us be clear, those who issue these "bogus" anti-sex reports, have no interest in protecting women from rape or sexual exploitation. Rather, their motivation is biological and they are acting in accordance with their own sexual self-interests. The unconscious biological purpose of their anti-sex crusades is to prevent female competitors from acting on their sexual potential and from becoming pregnant by men who might offer scarce resources in exchange for sex.

Consider, for example, "Sexual Harassment Laws." These laws are designed not for the purposes of protecting women but to eliminate the competition by making these women "off limits" so that men cannot gain access to them. This is accomplished by regulations which punish and prevent men from indicating any sexual interest or taking the sexual initiative. These laws also insure that women do not have sex with men who do not own or control them; which is why not just radical feminists, but powerful men including religious conservatives and "ultra-liberals" propose and enforce these laws.

In 1993 a proposed law was introduced by California State Senator, Tom Hayden, that would have made it a crime, a misdemeanor with a fine of $300 for gazing at sexually attractive women. The ultra-liberal Hayden and innumerable "feminists" wanted to make it a crime for just looking at a woman! Even the "victim's" friends, or even female strangers, could call the police!

Likewise, in 1996, when the ultra Islamic fundamentalists, the Talibans came to power in Afghanistan, they began promulgating laws and edicts which they claimed were designed to protect women from lascivious men. Afghan women, including female doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, maids, shop girls, and in fact all women, were forced from their jobs, and were required by Taliban law to be guarded at all times by male relatives; so as to protect them from lustful men. Moreover, just as Hayden and the "liberal" elite sought to prevent men from even gazing at a woman's body, seeking to make it a crime to do so, the Taliban passed laws requiring that women must be covered from head to toe with the all-concealing burqua even in the privacy of their own homes. The purpose? To prevent men from looking at them. Taliban laws also required that windows must be painted over and covered at all times so as to prevent passerbys from seeing in windows and possibly getting a look at the women inside; thus protecting these women from being "victimized" by the gaze of lustful men.

Like Hayden, radical feminists, and American liberals, the Taliban claim these laws not only protect women, but liberate them. Let us not be fooled. Regardless of what they claim, these laws and edicts represent little more than the codification of the sexual behaviors demonstrated by other dominant male mammals and primates who seek to prevent estrus females from mating with other males. Their purpose is to limit and restrict female choice and to prevent estrus females from acting on their sexual desires. These laws serve as barriers which are designed to guard estrus females and prevent other males from mating with them. These females are not being protected. They are being guarded. What is being protected are the sexual self-interests of those who "own" them and/or who wish to control them, and those who wish to prevent these women from acting on their sexual needs or gaining access to resources which may be offered in exchange for sex.

Jealousy, sexual competition, and the desire to own and control women and their sexuality also explains why the anti-sex brigades do not limit their anti-sex attacks to men, but will happily vilify any woman who dares act on her otherwise normal sexual prerogatives. Indeed, women who are sexually attractive, and those who are sexually active but not sufficiently discrete, are quickly branded as "whores" and "sluts" especially by women (e.g. Joseph, 1985; Robinson et al., 1991; Scott et al., 1988; Sprecher et al., 1987). In fact, she must not only fear for her reputation, but her life.

In many present day and ancient societies, men not only own, but may murder or brutalize their wives, daughters, sisters, or mothers, and in fact any woman who dares act on her sexual potential. In Afghanistan, some women have been set upon by mobs and beaten to death for accidentally baring and showing a naked elbow! Likewise, in Egypt, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and in a variety of African societies, law or custom permits the killing of females who have sex before or outside of marriage (Bullough, 1976; Sasson, 1993). Officially sanctioned murder of sexually promiscuous females, such as by stoning, drowning, hanging, strangling, or crushing, has been a custom throughout history, including even in sexually licentious ancient Rome and of course throughout the Middle Ages.

In most cultures, the concept of adultery generally pertains only to married women, and not married men. Because even married women are sexually insatiable, their tendency to stray had to be curbed on the threat of death.

"The stench of adultery" to borrow a phrase from Burgundian Law, was so reviled that by law an adulterous woman was to be strangled and thrown to rot in a swamp. A law promulgated by the emperor Mojorian authorized a husband to immediately kill his wife without trial if she was suspected of adultery. This was also the law among the Franks: an adulterous women could be strangled or even burned alive (Rouche, 1987). In ancient Israel, she would be pelted and stoned to death. In Meso-America, wayward women would be crushed. In China and India they might be buried or burned alive.

Throughout the ages "adultery" laws have been primarily designed to control female sexuality, and the sexual behavior of a married woman. That is, whereas even married men could have sex with other women, a married woman who had sex outside of marriage could be killed. According to the laws of Moses, for example, a married man can have numerous sex partners and sex slaves, and can only commit adultery if he has sex with another man's wife. However, if his wife were to commit adultery, she could be killed.

Again, however, in many societies, both ancient and current, the woman need not be married to be legally brutalized or killed for her sexual indiscretions. A female who has sex before marriage, or after divorce, can be killed by fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins, or even the husbands and in-laws of her sisters.

Why are men and women obsessed not only with female sexuality, but in controlling or suppressing it? Because female sexuality is so powerful and dangerous. Because women have a higher sex drive than men, and are capable of sexually exhausting male after male, with no lessening of sexual desire. Hence, the moment she leaves the arms of one lover, she may sneak off into the arms of another. Because she may tempt the husbands or suitors of other women, and these men may provide her with resources in exchange for sex. Thus, woman, the insatiable "whore" must be controlled.

In the first edition of this book (Female Sexuality: The Naked Truth), I took issue with the standard claim that men have more sexual partners than women. I presented evidence (repeated here in the second edition) indicating that women, on average, have more sexual partners than the average male. Five months later, my arguments were confirmed in the scientific journal, The Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences.

As "Sara Starlight" puts it: "Multiple orgasms requires multiple men." Whereas a man will have an orgasm and then experience a refractory period, women are capable of having multiple orgasms of increasing intensity. Women are designed for multiple sex partners, and this is also true of the females of innumerable species. Female primates who are capable of orgasm, repeatedly seek out multiple male sex partners, often one after another. Even if she is beaten by the dominant males who "own" her, she may seek out additional sex partners who may impregnate her.

From an evolutionary perspective, the tendency to seek out multiple male partners is biologically quite adaptive, for it ensures she will become pregnant. However, from the perspective of the male who seeks to monopolize her, he cannot be assured that he is the father of the children that he then provides for.

Nevertheless, from a cultural evolutionary perspective, because she can have sex with multiple partners, males will also seek to remain in or join the troop, thus providing extra protection for the females and their young. These males will also be on their best behavior and will provide her with resources, in exchange for sex. By having sex with multiple males, she contributes to social stability and population growth, and, over the course of social evolution, to society, culture, and civilization.

Again, however, from a paternal aspect, and from the perspective of female competition for resources, the multi-orgasmic female presents a biological threat. Therefore, dominant males will seek to monopolize her and may beat her to insure she does not stray and that he is the father of her young. By contrast, other females may become jealous of the attention and the goods she receives and may attack her physically and verbally or engage in other behaviors designed to prevent her from mating.

Female wolves will drive an estrus female from the pack, thus preventing the other males from impregnating her. Female primates may attack a copulating couple, or the sexually receptive female in order to drive her way and disrupt their "love making." Human females are no different, though their stratagems in dealing with female competitors differ markedly.

Thus, the young woman who acts on her sexual potential may be rejected by her female "friends" and described as a slut or a whore. Or, her female competitors may try to convince her that sex is a form of exploitation, that when men show sexual interest she is being "sexually harassed," and that every time she has sex, she has been raped. Again, however, the purpose is to prevent women, and thus female sex competitors, from acting on their sexual potential, and from gaining access to resources controlled by male sexual partners. If a woman does not act on her sexuality, she will not become pregnant (and there will be one less mouth to feed), thus freeing up men and resources that may then be acquired by her female competitors. Thus we see that access to birth control and abortion are actively promoted by the same women's groups which also attack sexual normalcy.

Humans are obsessed with female sexuality. These sexual obsessions are evident in every aspect of life, including the media, the arts, law, and especially religion where female sexual behavior is either actively encouraged or punished and suppressed.

The suppression of female sexuality is in fact a hallmark of paternal religions, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and this is because her sexuality, the cult of the goddess, the sacred feminine, the Great Mother of All, posed a direct threat to the supremacy of the "male" gods.

"In the beginning" god was a woman, and the goddess was a sexual being (Joseph, 2000). Since the Paleolithic, woman, the goddess, has been considered the heart of all creativity, the Great Mother, the Sustainer of Life, the Cosmic Creatrix, the Cosmic Womb from which all life originates, and the Earth womb to which all life returns. Woman was earth and sky, giving birth to the plants that would sustain her children, and nourishing the fertile Earth and her children with drops of life sustaining rain secreted by the heavenly bosom.

Aditi, the Hindu Goddess of the Void, for example, represented "creative power" and "abundance," and the cosmic womb from which all creation has its source. The goddess is also known as the celestial cow and the golden calf who provides nourishment not just to humans, but the gods. As the Great Mother also nourishes the gods, she is also the guardian of cosmic harmony and order.

The cult of the goddess has its origins in the Paleolithic. Hence the numerous "Venus" statues and carvings of heavy breasted pregnant women.

However, the goddess cult continued to reign supreme during the Neolithic and she was worshipped by the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Akkadians, Babylonians, and Hebrews. It was the paternal male god, Yahweh, who threatened to destroy the Israelites when they abandoned him to worship the golden calf.

The goddess, therefore, was associated in all ways and with all things having to do with life and fertility. The goddess cult, was in fact a fertility cult, and her religious rites were sexual, her priestesses temple prostitutes, and every woman was believed to be an incarnation of the goddess. Her reproductive facility was viewed as supernatural in origin, her menstrual cycle being in tune with the cycles of the moon, and the moon and the blood of her menstruation were believed to have supernatural power. Every woman was an incarnation of the goddess, and thus every woman became a threat to the male gods. Thus the priests of the male gods declared war on woman and her sexuality. The Catholic church felt so threatened by the goddess and her fertility cults, that they resorted to female mass murder.

For nearly a thousand years after the birth of Christ, the goddess cults commanded huge popular support in Europe. Africa, and the Middle East, particularly in that her religious rituals stereotypically involved sexual orgies and ritual prostitution. During the 1st century, the missionary sermons of St. Paul were repeatedly drowned out by women chanting "Diana, Diana, Diana;" Diana being the goddess known since prehistoric times as the Queen of Heaven. Moreover, up until the 11th century, not just the cult of the goddess, but female sexuality and her promiscuous nature were openly flaunted, and worship of pagan goddesses was still threatening the authority of the Church.

Unable to suppress the goddess cult, and the fertility rites of her worshippers, the Catholic Church finally issued the "Canon Episcopi" in the 10th century: "Some wicked women, reverting to Satan, and seduced by the illusions and phantasms of demons, believe and profess that they ride at night with Diana, on beasts, with an innumerable multitude of women. It would be well if these women, one and all, perished for their infidelities;" the infidelities, of course, being sexual. The goddess cult, however, could not be contained and women and men continued to flock to her orgies.

To maintain their religious supremacy, the Catholic Church finally concluded that not just the goddess cult, but that women in general were a threat. War was declared on woman. In the year 1404, the Papal fathers burned 30,000 women. Their crime: Sexuality.

In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII issued the famous Bull Summis desiderantes affectibus, which was followed by the Malleus Maleficarum (witch's hammer) which demanded the death of sexually active and sexually desirable and attractive women. The great sin of these young women?

"Carnal lust. All witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which in women is insatiable.... For she is a liar by nature, so in her speech she stings while she delights us....for her voice is like the song of the Sirens, who with their sweet melody entice the passerby's and kill them..." (Malleus Maleficarum).

Bishop Bossuet, of France, advocated that over 180,000 women be gathered up in one body and that "all be burned at once in one fire;" and hundreds of thousands of women were murdered.

So many women were murdered that it could be said that the Church was attempting no less than a whole sale genocide of women--"sexocide" at Lederer (1973) put it.

Often all the women in a given area were rounded up by the Catholic authorities. However, when the priests set upon a village, it was the young and beautiful who were generally the first to be tortured, as they were experts at "love magic." And often these women, these "witches" were first accused by other young women. According to the religious authorities, these beautiful women would bewitch men by shooting mesmerizing "beams of light from their eyes" which causes the man to fall in love.

Just being beautiful was considered a sin and justified the worst of sexual tortures: "Consider also her gait, posture, and habit, which is vanity of vanities. There is no man in the world who studies so hard to please the good God as even an ordinary woman studies by her vanities to please men....who... they infect with witchcraft by inclining men to inordinate passion. Yet...her heart is a net, it speaks of the inscrutable malice which reigns in their hearts... for they fulfill their lusts by consorting with devils"(Malleus Maleficarum).

According to Pope Innocent VIII, sexually active women "have given themselves up to devils in the form of incubi and succubi. By their incantations, spells, crimes, and infamous acts they destroy the fruit of the womb in women, in cattle and various other animals; they destroy crops, vines, orchards...they render husbands impotent."

Those who were exceedingly attractive were then hideously sexually tortured and then slaughtered by burning, boiling in oil, crushing, and via whatever device the religious authorities felt appropriate or which suited their sick minds. In Germany huge ovens were constructed for the purposes of mass female murder (Achterberg, 1991; Lederer 1968).

Likewise, the Jewish Lord God Yahweh recommended that sexy, beautiful women be burned in the fire.

"Because the daughters of Zion are haughty and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet; The Lord will smite with a scab of crowns of their head and the Lord will discover their secret parts. In that day the Lord will take away their tinkling ornaments... their bracelets... bonnets, ornaments... earrings, the rings... and fine linen... And it shall come to pass that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink... The Lord shall wash away the filth of the daughters of Zion... by the spirit of burning" (Isaiah 3:16-26, 4:4).

Before these women would be burned by the religious authorities, they would be tortured. The torture of women, of course, was sexual. For example, during the Middle Ages, the women would be stripped naked by the Catholic authorities and her body, breasts, vagina, and anus would be thoroughly investigated for the mark of the devil. However, the "investigation" was made with long needles and conducted by priestly specialists called "prickers," who would stick these needles into every suspected Devil's mark.

Even nuns were "damned." The cannons of thirteenth century priories not only expelled nuns from their community, but priests would torture and have them killed: "Recognizing the wickedness of women is greater than all other wickedness in the world...the poison of snakes and dragons is easier to cure and less dangerous to men than associating with women. We have unanimously decreed for the preservation of our souls and our bodies, no more nuns, and to treat them as we would poisonous beasts."

Likewise, modern day religious leaders often go to great lengths to condemn female sexuality, including, of course, prostitution and pornography. Of course, being obsessed with woman's sexuality, priests, clerics and rabbis do not just condemn, but the seek to exploit. Not uncommonly, priests, rabbis, and clerics will seduce the female members of their flock, download massive quantities of pornography from the Internet, or purchase prostitutes right off the street.

The Reverend Jim Bakker lost a 300 million dollar ministry, when he and another pastor were accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a young female member of their flock. The Reverend Jimmy Swaggart whose sermons were filled with fire and brimstone, and who regularly assailed Catholics, Jews (who "are going to Hell") pornography and prostitution, temporarily gave up a $150 million dollar a year world wide television ministry in 1988, when his fondness for prostitutes and pornography was exposed and he was caught with a prostitute. On January 18, 2001, the Reverend Jesse Jackson was forced to admit that he had repeatedly committed adultery and had in fact fathered a daughter out of wed lock. Likewise, in 1999, the dean of Harvard Divinity School was forced to resign "for conduct unbecoming" after it was discovered he had downloaded thousands of "explicit" pornographic images on his Harvard-owned computer in his Harvard-owned home.

Of course, from the perspective of the religious authorities, women are at the root of all evil and are responsible for sexually seducing otherwise upright and moral men: "They infect with witchcraft by inclining men to inordinate passion. They fulfill their lusts by consorting with devils." Woman is a sexual being, and her sexual power is so potent she can bewitch men by evoking the supernatural.

However, because woman and her sexuality was and is associated with the supernatural and the spiritual, numerous religious movements, including the cult of the goddess, have sought to exploit her sexual charms in order to achieve supernatural bliss and cosmic harmony.

For example, the promotion of sexuality and engaging in sexual rituals were major features of the ancient religions of India and China. Ancient Indian religious texts are filled with love charms and instructions as to how to win the love of a man or woman.

Sexual intercourse was in fact a religious ritual among those Hindus and Buddhists who practiced "tantra." The practitioners of tantra were inspired by visions of cosmic sex and the acquisition of sexual energy. Through tantra, by having sex with a woman, one might gain access to wisdom or understanding of the cosmic mystery of creation: Shakti, the divine mother. However, restrictions on where one could have sexual intercourse (not in public) and certain types of sexual acts such as oral sex, were prohibited as well as sex with strange women or those of a lower caste. Nevertheless the joys of sex were continually emphasized and embraced. Hence, the Kama Sutra, the "love text".

It was believed by some ancient far Eastern sects, such as those who practiced "left handed" Tantra, that in order to gain power, one had to engage in sexual orgies or have sex with women while they were menstruating. Menstrual blood was believed to possess the spiritual and creative life force, whereas sexual orgies were believed to liberate tremendous amounts of sexual energy. Those who followed the way of the left handed tantra claimed that passion was nirvana and that adepts should cultivate all sexual pleasures. Both male and female deities, usually in the act of having sex, were worshipped.

Consider also the Chinese and Taoists conceptions of Yin and Yang, which represent the male and female principles of the universe. Sexual intercourse was viewed as a symbolic union of the earth and heaven, which, during rainstorms were believed to mate. By engaging in sexual relations man and woman achieved harmony by following the example of the gods.

Because of the emphasis on sex, and as sex was viewed as a means of achieving enlightenment, large numbers of young girls were employed as temple prostitutes throughout India and the Middle East, as well as in Rome and Greece. Some temples employed so many girls that they were like giant brothel emporiums. Likewise, ritual prostitution was a hallmark of the Goddess cults.

Biologically, the human female is perfectly adapted for prostitution. She can sexually exhaust male, after male, after male, and can experience orgasm after orgasm, often one after another, and with no lessening of sexual desire. Her sexual capacity makes her potentially insatiable, as well as the perfect prostitute and sex slave --sex slavery, as reported by the United Nations, being the sexual condition of 200 million women world wide.

According to the United Nations, and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (Hughes, 2000) sex slave trafficking is a world wide one hundred-billion dollar a year business. Women are basically shipped to foreign countries where they are then stripped naked, displayed, and sold for up to $1000 each. Many of these sex slaves live in deplorable conditions, and are beaten and kept under guard, so they cannot escape.

For example, Amnesty International reports that sex slavery and trafficing in women is rampant in Israel. Non-Jewish sex slaves are regularly imported, bought and sold for thousands of dollars, and are held in captivity where they are forced to provide sex to Jewish men including Orthodox Jewish Rabbis. According to the testimony of one sex slave: "I tried to escape from this place and asked a client to help me. He turned out to be one of them and I was beaten up by the owners. There was nowhere to run -- there were bars on the windows and bodyguards all the time, day and night."

According to the United Nations, even if these women do escape, they are sometimes raped and beaten by the authorities who either return to them to their "owners" or deport them if they were fortunate enough to contact a foreign embassy.

Not all are exploited victims. Many women, particularly in countries where unemployment is high, eagerly accept work as prostitutes, and will happily travel overseas to perform the same "work" due to the higher pay.

Russian school girls typically rate prostitution as one of their top career choices (Hughes, 2000). And, it is not just because of poverty. Some Russian prostitutes earn such a high income they can afford to be chauffeured to their favorite street corner by men whom they have hired to watch over and protect them in case of trouble.

It has also been reported that "middle class" Japanese school girls commonly trade sex for gifts and clothes from well healed older men, and many girls have several adult male boyfriends. In the United States it is estimated that over 100,000 "high class" prostitutes work in exclusive bordellos, and often out of their own fashionable apartments. "High class" prostitutes provide sex to a regular clientele of select men who shower them with money in exchange for an hour or a morning, afternoon, or evening of love making. Prostitution is so common and so lucrative, that in European countries prostitutes openly advertise their services with fliers and print ads. In America, prostitutes commonly ply their trade in newspapers and telephone "yellow pages" advertisements (see Escorts, Massage).

And, although some claim that women degrade themselves by selling their bodies, prostitution can be very lucrative, especially for those who service a more exclusive clientelle. Female "Escorts" in San Jose California, for example, charge from $200 to $400 per hour; which is a lot more than the same woman can earn working as a bank teller. World wide, the take from prostitution is estimated at overa hundred-billion dollars a year.

World wide it is estimated that over 300 million women work at least part time as prostitutes (International Labor Report, 1997). And a full time prostitute may have sex from five to a dozen times each working day and with hundreds and often thousands of men a year.

Prostitution is the world's oldest profession. "Prostitution" is also common among other species. Males willingly provide sexually receptive females with gifts in exchange for sex, and this includes chimps, birds, and other creatures, including, of course, humans.

Woman, the sexual enchantress, the insatiable whore, not only drives man sexually wild with lust and sexual desire, inducing them to trade goods and gifts for sex, but she sexually arouses other women who also respond with feelings of lust or overwhelming jealousy. Lesbian (female female) sexual behavior is commonplace among humans and many other animals species.

Woman is a biological being. Biologically she serves a single purpose which is to have sex and produce children. Biologically she serves these needs by sending powerful sexual signals which she may accentuate and exaggerate by her makeup, perfume and revealing clothes. These sexual signals are so powerful, she attracts women as well as men.

Biologically, she must also be penetrated, and in consequence, she becomes exceedingly excited and may even ovulate and experience multiple orgasms when sexually pursued, physically restrained, or forced to have sexual intercourse.

Woman is also a psychological being. She may fantasize about rape, or being tied up, spanked, and sexually forced. And, she may fantasize about multiple partners and the sin of adultery. Fantasies too have their biological roots for if she is forced she may ovulate, and if she has sex with numerous men, it ensures she will become pregnant.

Women do not just fantasize. Women have more sex partners, on average, than the average male. Women often seek out sex partners who will spank them, tie them up, or force them to have sex. Women, young women in particular, are obsessed with sex. Nevertheless, because her sexuality is so powerful, it is also associated with the irrational and is not well understood.

In order to understand the nature of her sexuality, it is not politics, philosophy, religion or psychology which holds the key to sexual enlightenment, but a woman's biological sexual roots, her evolutionary sexual foundations, and especially her sexuality and sexual behavior that we must thoroughly explore.

Biologically woman is both Madonna and whore. Biologically she must act the whore to become Madonna, the biological mother who is universally adored. Because of the incredible sexual power of woman, over the ages her sexuality has been exploited and condemned, and she has been worshipped as sex goddess, the Mother of All, and beaten, hanged, tortured and burned as demoness whore and carnal sin. She is woman: the sexiest female on the planet.

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