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Over 300,000 have read "Fungi on Mars?" Not bad. Three hundred million would have been better.

Fake News: I do not own the Journal of Cosmology. I am not an editor, I am not the publisher, and I have no influence over the editorial policies of the Journal of Cosmology ( I own They are completely separate.

The lies are unrelenting.


The hysterical brouhaha stirred up by "Fungi on Mars?" reminds me of Hans Christian Andersen's charming little story "The Emperor's New Suit;" a parable about the power of authority to enforce conformity of thought and induce mass self-deception. The story goes like this: The all powerful King loved new clothes. He is tricked and sold a "suit" of beautiful clothes that, he is told, is invisible to "stupid" people. The King is not "stupid." He can "see" it must be very beautiful. So can his wife, his children, his ministers, because, only "stupid" people can't see the beautiful suit! Nobody wants to be stupid! The king must be the wisest of all; and if he believes it, so do they. He puts on the beautiful suit, parades through the city, and all the people, and all the reporters, praise the beauty of the new suit, except for one little child who yelled out: "The King is naked." Nobody wanted to believe this disobedient child, who was obviously "stupid" (and had no respect for authority), so they killed him. (Yes, I added my own ending). The authors of "Fungi on Mars?" are the children who see the naked truth.


H.G. Wells wrote a story about the "Country of the Blind." Supposedly, a "one eyed man can be king in the land of the blind." One day a man who could see fell down a mountain into the valley of the blind. He began to describe, to the blind people, all he could see. The blind people thought he was insane. The solution to his insanity? Remove his eyes.


Even "clean rooms" are swarming with bacteria. Sterilization can't kill those little buggers. Even King NASA can't kill them all. Bacteria, fungi, lichens, and all sorts of critters swirl around in the upper atmosphere. They can survive in space, and every environment on Earth. To think that Mars is sterile is, well, smart! No fooling all the smart people!

There is fungus, lichens, algae, growing on Mars.

The hysteria surrounding "Fungi on Mars?" is the history of science. The world is not ready to see the "naked" truth.


Yes, I have been attacked by "the torches and pitchforks crowd who come lumbering forth, hooting and grunting in fear, seeking to destroy what frightens them and what they don't understand." This is the history of science:

Copernicus was so frightened of the public, and the scientific community, that he refused to allow his master work to be published, until after his death.v Bruno was denounced by the scientific community, arrested, and burned at the stake for teaching that stars were suns, like our own, and there was life on other planets.

Galileo was threatened with death, and forced to recant.

Nobel Prize winner Urey was hounded and threatened by NASA for discovering microfossils in meteors.v Gil Levin's discoveries (Mars Viking LR experiments) were opposed by NASA ("The Bible Says there is No Life on Mars") which then ridiculed his work and positive findings.

NASA provided tens of millions of dollars to discredit McKay's 1996 discoveries in Martian meteorite ALH

Richard Hoover was threatened by NASA administrators and even threatened with death for reporting evidence of microfossils in meteors.

Ahhh.. the joys of being a scientist, of making new discoveries!


There have been several articles published in various media outlets supposedly criticizing "Fungi on Mars", but the focus of which has been my childhood, my first sexual experience, and my naked chest. Yes! My chest! My clinging shirt! My manly-body! A love-sick male editor from cnut had sent several worshipful emails and even asked about the size of my... Sorry, cnut, I don't swing that way. Yes. I hurt his little feelings. And "they" say "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? Oh yeah? It's not just women! And now we have: Sexual obsessions and thwarted love, masquerading as news!


My career as a scientist began in the 1970s when I discovered and/or proved (A) neuroplasticity in the primate brain, (2) the hormonal basis of sex differences, (3) Early environmental influences on learning, memory, curiosity, and intelligence. (4) I end my career by discovering and proving there is life on Mars.

Beginning in 1990s, I wrote books published by Plenum, Basic books, Perseus, Williams & Wilkins.

My Books's Have Received Rave Reviews.

"One of the most astonishing books of our time." -Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society

"First rate... Among the best... Deserving of a place on the shelf of any neuropsychologist, neuropsychiatrist, or behavioral neurologist." -the journal of Neuropsychiatry.

"The finest analysis of... brain phenomena that we have to date."- The New England Review of Books

"Joseph is to mind brain studies as Asimov and Sagan are to the physical sciences." -Choice (American Library Association)

"An intense, in-depth examination of the relationship between neuroanatomy and associated behavior, personality, thinking, psychosis, and emotions." 4 Stars! Highly recommended. -Medical Review Journal

"Brilliant." -Choice (American Library Association)

"Astounding... astounding... [Joseph] deserves our admiratio

"Excellent... Comprehensive... Exceptional... Enthusiastically recommended!" -Health Sciences Review Journal


I have published, peer reviewed scientific articles in numerous peer reviewed journals including:

Behavioral Biology, 24, 364-377; Anatomical Record, 190, 359; Journal of Psychology, 101, 37-43; Behavioral Brain Research, 1, 150-178; Developmental Psychobiology, 13, 527-544;. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 194, 413-426; Physiological Psychology, 9, 90-95; Journal of Clinical Psychology, 44 4-33; Proceedings of the Society for Neuroscience, 4, 1982, 2021; Archives of Psychiatry and Neurology, Venezolanos, 30, 25-52; Cortex, 20, 317-331 Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, & Psychiatry, 49, 628-634; Open Astronomy, 2020, 29, 1, 189-209; Advances in Astronomy, 2020...


It's been said that new, major discoveries must pass through three stages: (1) Ridicule (2) Violent Opposition (3) Acceptance as self-evident and obvious.

Leaders are always the first to see what others don't; because the others are far behind. We have led the way. Someday the others will catch up with us. We are the first. We have made great discoveries. We have found life on Mars. No need to pluck out our eyes.

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Quantum Physics - Cosmology

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*How Consciousness Became the Universe and Created Itself: Quantum Physics of God

*The Uncertainty Principle and Multiple Worlds

*Einstein's Mirror Universe, Dark Matter, and Parallel Worlds

*A Collapsing Universe: Colliding Galaxies, Anti-Matter, Singularity and the Quantum Big Bang

Evolution: Brain, Human Consciousness, Sexuality

*The Brain - Overview: The Neuroanatomy Of Mind

*The Evolution of Brain: Genetics, Neurons...

*Evolution of the Mind and Brain, Multi-Regional Evolution, The Cro-Magnon - Neanderthal Wars

*Evolution of Female Sexuality, Sexual Choice and the Domestication of Man

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*The Evolution of Breasts, Buttocks and the Big Brain

*Hunters, Gatherers and the Evolution of Sex Differences in Language and Visual Spatial Skills

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*Evolution of Consciousness in the Ancient Corners of the Cosmos

Consciousness, Awareness, the Unconscious Brain and Mind

*Awareness, the Origin of Thought, Resistance and Repression.

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Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Dreams, and Time

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*Entanglement: Lincoln Dreams of his Assassination.

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*Neurotheology: Gods, Death, Souls, Spirits, Rebirth, Astral Projection, Judgment Day, Heaven, Hell, and the Second Death

*Possession and Prophecy: Alien Hand, Split-Brains, Religious Experience, Trance, Dissociation, Moses, Hitler and the Second Exodus

*Hitler and the "Voice" of Divine Providence

*Damon Wells: Son of the Devil. The Murder and Dreams of Tanya Zach

Development of Brain, Mind, Emotion, Memory, Language, Cognition, Consciousness

*The Neuropsychology of Development: Hemispheric Laterality, Limbic Language, and the Origins of Thought

*Development of the Fetal Brain and Conscious Cognition

*Sexual Differentiation of the Fetal and Infant Brain

*Development of Male vs Female Differences in Visual Spatial and Language Skills

*Emotional Brain Development

*Development of Language

*First Memories

The Human Brain - Neuroanatomy of Mind

(1): The Brain: An Overview. (2): Right Hemisphere. (3): Left Hemisphere.

(4): Brainstem - Cerebellum. (5): Basal Ganglia. (6): Limbic System.

(7): Temporal Lobes. (8): Occipital Lobes. (9): Parietal Lobes.

(10): Frontal Lobes.

Life's Origins, Evolution and Extinction

*The Myth of the Organic Soup: Only Life Produces Life

*Life on Earth Came From Other Planets

*Biological Cosmology and the Origins of Life in the Universe

*Genetics Indicates Extraterrestrial Origins for Life: The First Gene

*The Death of Darwinism: Tautologies, Plagiarism, and "Religion Masquerading as Science"

*The Origin of Eukaryotes: Archae, Bacteria, Viruses and Horizontal Gene Transfer

*Genetics, Metamorphosis, and the Evolution Of Life

*The Evolutionary Metamorphosis of Life From Other Planets: Viruses, Bacteria, Archae, Eukaryotes, Introns, Transposons, Exons, Conserved Genes, Silent Genes, Regulatory Genes, Whole Genome Duplication, Gene Expression, and Horizontal Gene Transfer

*Evolution: Genes, Microbes, Metazoan Metamorphosis, Cambrian Explosion and the Genetically Engineered Earth

*Climate Change: The First Four Billion Years. The Biological Cosmology of Global Warming and Global Freezing

*Evolution, Plague, and Diseases From Space

*Extinction, Metamorphosis, Evolutionary Apoptosis, Genetically Programmed Species Mass Death