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Rhawn Gabriel Joseph

Origins, Evolution, Emotion, Consciousness

Quantum Physics - Cosmology

Development, Language, Memory

Brain and Mind

Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, Ph.D.


*How Consciousness Became the Universe and Created Itself: Quantum Physics of God

*The Uncertainty Principle and Multiple Worlds

*Einstein's Mirror Universe, Dark Matter, and Parallel Worlds

*A Collapsing Universe: Colliding Galaxies, Anti-Matter, Singularity and the Quantum Big Bang

Evolution: Brain, Human Consciousness, Sexuality

*The Brain - Overview: The Neuroanatomy Of Mind

*The Evolution of Brain: Genetics, Neurons...

*Evolution of the Mind and Brain, Multi-Regional Evolution, The Cro-Magnon - Neanderthal Wars

*Evolution of Female Sexuality, Sexual Choice and the Domestication of Man

*Females Have More Sex

*The Evolution of Breasts, Buttocks and the Big Brain

*Hunters, Gatherers and the Evolution of Sex Differences in Language and Visual Spatial Skills

*Evolution of Paleolithic "Caveman" Cosmology

*Evolution of Consciousness in the Ancient Corners of the Cosmos

Consciousness, Awareness, the Unconscious Brain and Mind

*Awareness, the Origin of Thought, Resistance and Repression.

*Split Minds: Two Brains - Two Minds

*Self-Deception, Denial, & Confabulation

*Origins of Thought:

*The Limbic System & the Unconscious

*The Neuroanatomy of Free Will Loss of Will, Against the Will, "Alien Hand"

*Disconnection Syndromes & the Conscious Mind

*Dissociation,PTSD, Flashbacks, Paralytic Fear

*Dreams and Hallucinations: Lifting the Veil to Multiple Perceptual Realities

Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Dreams, and Time

*Quantum Physics and the Multiplicity of Mind.

*Entanglement: Lincoln Dreams of his Assassination.

Quantum Tunneling, LSD, Neuroscience, Doors of Perception

*Time Travel Through Black Holes and Worm Holes in the Fabric of Space-Time

*Paradoxes of Time Travel: The Uncertainty Principle, Wave Function, Probability, Entanglement, and Multiple Worlds

*The Time Machine of Consciousness. Past Present Future Exist Simultaneously. Entanglement, Tachyons, Relative Time, Circle of Time, Quantum Time, Dream Time, PreCognition, Retrocausation, Deja Vu, and Premonitions

*Consciousness Of The Future: PreCognition, Premonition, Deja Vu

*Dream Time, Precognition, Many Worlds, the Sixth Dimension

*Dream-Consciousness at Light Speed: Entangled Minds

Gods, Death, Ghosts, Spirits, Souls, Prophecy, Astral Projection, After-Death, Hell, Heaven: Cosmology - Neurotheology

*Is God an Extraterrestrial?

*Death, Dying, After-Death, Astral Projection

*Evolution of Paleolithic Cosmology, Spiritual Consciousness, the Temporal and Frontal Lobes

*Cosmology and the Death of Gods: New Age Religions, Anti-Christ, Precession of the Equinox

*Neurotheology: Gods, Death, Souls, Spirits, Rebirth, Astral Projection, Judgment Day, Heaven, Hell, and the Second Death

*Possession and Prophecy: Alien Hand, Split-Brains, Religious Experience, Trance, Dissociation, Moses, Hitler and the Second Exodus

*Hitler and the "Voice" of Divine Providence

*Damon Wells: Son of the Devil. The Murder and Dreams of Tanya Zach

Development of Brain, Mind, Emotion, Memory, Language, Cognition, Consciousness

*The Neuropsychology of Development: Hemispheric Laterality, Limbic Language, and the Origins of Thought

*Development of the Fetal Brain and Conscious Cognition

*Sexual Differentiation of the Fetal and Infant Brain

*Development of Male vs Female Differences in Visual Spatial and Language Skills

*Emotional Brain Development

*Development of Language

*First Memories

The Human Brain - Neuroanatomy of Mind

(1): The Brain: An Overview. (2): Right Hemisphere. (3): Left Hemisphere.

(4): Brainstem - Cerebellum. (5): Basal Ganglia. (6): Limbic System.

(7): Temporal Lobes. (8): Occipital Lobes. (9): Parietal Lobes.

(10): Frontal Lobes.

Life's Origins, Evolution and Extinction

*The Myth of the Organic Soup: Only Life Produces Life

*Life on Earth Came From Other Planets

*Biological Cosmology and the Origins of Life in the Universe

*Genetics Indicates Extraterrestrial Origins for Life: The First Gene

*The Death of Darwinism: Tautologies, Plagiarism, and "Religion Masquerading as Science"

*The Origin of Eukaryotes: Archae, Bacteria, Viruses and Horizontal Gene Transfer

*Genetics, Metamorphosis, and the Evolution Of Life

*The Evolutionary Metamorphosis of Life From Other Planets: Viruses, Bacteria, Archae, Eukaryotes, Introns, Transposons, Exons, Conserved Genes, Silent Genes, Regulatory Genes, Whole Genome Duplication, Gene Expression, and Horizontal Gene Transfer

*Evolution: Genes, Microbes, Metazoan Metamorphosis, Cambrian Explosion and the Genetically Engineered Earth

*Climate Change: The First Four Billion Years. The Biological Cosmology of Global Warming and Global Freezing

*Evolution, Plague, and Diseases From Space

*Extinction, Metamorphosis, Evolutionary Apoptosis, Genetically Programmed Species Mass Death